Top 20 Best Selling Worm Gears (2022)

Ajax Scientific Gear worm. Made of colored plastic. Red color. Small size. Measures 0.82-centimeters diameter by 2.46-centimeters length. ... more info

Spur gears, the most common gear type, have a circular or cylindrical shape with teeth bordering the outer perimeter and are used for transmitting rotational torque and motion between parallel rotating shafts. A spur gear's pressure angle (PA), diametral ... more info

This Martin worm gear is a right-hand, single-thread gear with a 6 diametral pitch for a worm drive to increase the torque of a driven shaft. It is made of American Society for Testing and Materials聽(ASTM) A48 Class 30 gray cast iron for resistance to wea ... more info

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