Top 20 Best Selling Woodwinds Band & Orchestra (2021)

Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder with German Fingering ... more info

Carnegie Hall Soprano recorder; key of C; Baroque fingering; double holes; C-C#; D-D#; three-piece construction; with lanyard. The instrument is ideal for all music educators and hobbyists looking for a superior recorder. Proceeds of the recorder sales w ... more info

The Melodica is a fascinating wind instrument, easy to learn and powerfully expressive. Played like a piano, it is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere. Producing single notes or chords, the Melodica is both a solo and orchestral instrument, ... more info

Hohner brings you high-quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! Two-piece with dark finish C-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering. Patented mouthpiece vanes for u ... more info

The Hamilton sax stands are designed to last and, more importantly, to support your sax reliably. The Hamilton engineers created the proper counter balance needed to support your sax efficiently and safely. Wide base for extra stability; thick foam paddin ... more info

The Flutophone - pitched in C, with full chromatic scale, visual finger guides, and outstanding tone quality - has been accepted as the finest instrument of its kind. Molded of durable, marble-white plastic with ruby trim, its appearance attracts the chil ... more info

Mendini by Cecilio flutes are one of best selling, teachers approved flutes. It features flawless finish, closed hole, undercut beveled embouchure, with high quality double bladder pads. This flute package includes pro-deluxe durable plush-lined nylon cov ... more info

Teacher recommended!! The Hallelu HFL-200 student flute is one of the most free blowing and easy to play student instruments available. Each Hallelu HFL-200 student flute lives up to the highest standard associated with the Hallelu name.Each instrument co ... more info

This three octave professional instrument produces a rich accordion-like tone. The Pro 37 Melodica is a hand-held wind instrument has 37 piano style keys with a tonal range is F below middle C through F. It features durable bronze reeds that won't loose t ... more info

Lorem ipsum dolor sitView larger From the Manufacturer All of our clarinets are tested at our factory and inspected again by skilled technicians at our Los Angeles distribution center prior to shipping. Please read the clarinet owner's manual carefull ... more info

Superior Quality Student/Step-Up Alto Saxophone in Clear Lacquer finish. Legacy instrument are known to be of superior quality and an outstanding value. Why rent when you can own a great instrument. Comparable to one of the most popular student saxophones ... more info

Woodnote Tin Irish Whistles were made of High performance ABS Plastic Resin and is easy to play and learn. ... more info

Players of all levels will enjoy the precise, uniform intonation of the 20-Series recorders. The translucent recorders are the same fine quality you have come to depend on from Yamaha. Ease of play makes the 20-Series the perfect place to start. A three-p ... more info

With great intonation and balance, a Tudor Candy Apple Soprano Recrorders makes for a fine starter. This 2-Piece Soprano Recorder comes with a storage bag, fingering chart, and cleaning rod. ... more info

FREE Tuning Rod, Polish Cloth,Screwdriver, Cork Grease,White Gloves, Beautiful LEATHER like WOODEN CASE,Compact Lightweight Case with Handle - Easy to Carry ... more info

HIGH QUALITY PADS Produce Amazing Sound.Bell and Barrel for a Centered Tone and Durability.Adjustable Thumb Rest.We have working Warranty against Factory Defects. ... more info

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