Top 20 Best Selling Wood Craft Kits Toys (2022)

Lean, mean and green turtle shell accent backpack. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack ... more info

The ballista was the ultimate artillery weapon of the Roman Empire. Similar in appearance to a giant crossbow, it was powered by massive bundles of twisted horse hair. The bolts it fires would mow down enemies and fortifications alike. This kit is based o ... more info

WALNUT HOLLOW-Deluxe Wood Burning Craft Kit. Woodburning is a relaxing way to produce attractive craft pieces for your home or to give as gifts. This kit has all the instructions and tools you need to get started. This kit contains one top-quality; reusab ... more info

4.5 Craft grade straight edge ice cream stick. This sticks is used for handmaking making ice cream on a stick and for crafts. Made of birch wood. 4-1/2 Length. ... more info

Are we there yet? Who cares! We've got Box Girls to keep us smiling all the way. Get a discussion rolling with one of the 45 conversation starters, test your fellow passengers with 25 quiz cards, choose a classic road-trip game from 10 game-instruction ca ... more info

The Toysmith Build and Paint A Birdhouse is the perfect activity for a rainy day. Kit includes birdhouse, 6 paints and paint brush. Finished size: 5.5 x 7 X 7. ... more info

Create your own fashion statement by dressing your own magnetic doll. Mix and match 25 clothing pieces and accessories to dress your favorite princess. Includes a wooden stand for display and play. Everything stores neatly in a wooden box. ... more info

Natural crafted wooden log cabin birdhouse. This birdhouses is for kids ages 7 and up and designed to produce hours of fun painting, and displaying them. Cute and great for crafts. This product weighs 1.01-pounds. Measures 8-inch height. ... more info

From the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans up through medieval times catapults were used to gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield. The simplest form of the weapon was the onager or mangonel, where a projectile was placed in a cup or spoon on th ... more info

Perfect spa stix paint paddle. Can be used as spa stix to deliver large quantities of wax for larger areas. Made of birch wood. White colored. Measures 356mm length by 28mm width by 3.5mm height. ... more info

The Perfect Stix PAINT12 paint paddle stick is 12 long, comes in a pack of 100 paddles, is made of biodegradable white birch wood that has been heat-treated to resist splintering, and is suitable for mixing or stirring paint and other liquids. It can be u ... more info

This siege engine can shoot a plasticine ball over 15 feet! Adjustable pads on the crossbar allow you to change the trajectory angle. The rope, strung through the middle gives great power to the swing arm! All pieces are pre-cut and drilled so the model i ... more info

PS002-04 Features: -Improve hand-eye coordination.-Great for personalizing Red Tool Box's kid's building sets. Includes: -Includes: Blue, White, Red and Yellow paint.-Also includes 2 paint brushes, 5 stir sticks and a mixing cup. ... more info

A staple in the Guillows Line!! Most of the kits in this series comes with 5 to 10 balsa parts that fit together with no glueing. Some come as noted with propeller and rubber band powered. Great fun for flying around the yard or in the park. Has printed w ... more info

Perfect spa stix paint paddle. Can be used as spa stix to deliver large quantities of wax for larger areas. Made of birch wood. White colored. Measures 229mm length by 28mm width by 3.5mm height. ... more info

This Made in the USA unfinished hinged box is ideal for any arts & crafts project. Basswood is ideal for Woodburning and is easy to paint, cover with paper or fabric, stamp or otherwise decorate. Each edge is routed to give rounded edges and a great look. ... more info

K034 Features: -Material: Wood.-Tools required (not included): 2 x clamps; file; screwdriver; drill; hammer; glue and handsaw.-Level 1 Age: 8+ Years. ... more info

This popular Made in America unfinished box has many uses. A great arts and crafts project that is easy to decorate and finish making an ideal gift and a great place to keep jewelry and memento's. Many customers have finished this box to match their home ... more info

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