Top 20 Best Selling Wood Blocks Other Hand Percussion (2021)

Holding the hardwood block and tapping it gently creates a warm, rhymic sound. ... more info

Latin Percussion Jam Blocks are the modern versions of the age old wood blocks. Traditional wood blocks were fragile and could not stand up to the rigors of aggressive touring. Crafted from LP's exclusive plastic formulation, Jenigor, their research team ... more info

The MEINL Classic Hardwood Claves are the most common claves and produce the classic cutting sound with just the right amount of resonance. These Claves are solid and deliver a bright, pleasant tone that is fitting for any style of music and any musician ... more info

With two places to tap and two ways to play (tapping and scaping), you can hold it in the middle to create two distinct sounds. ... more info

Rhythm Tech's original design for the drummer. ... more info

PBCW-100 Cajon Wood Block attaches with 3M Dual-Lock strips. Prized Shore wood construction. PCB-DL Dual Lock Tape is used for the Cajon Clave Block and Cajon Wood Block. ... more info

Kids love to make the clickety-clack rhythmic sound of the colorful Rhythm Band Clatter-Pillar. ... more info

LP Jam Blocks are great examples of LP innovation. This patented design turned fragile, age-old wood blocks into virtually indestructible modern staples for any drummer or percussionist. Don't be fooled by cheap-imitations, not all blocks are created equa ... more info

Pair of claves that are well made in a variety of strengths; the claves will sound differently according to the material whether or not they are economy, rosewood, fine or deluxe. ... more info

Patented, compact, dual stainless steel surface, metal g眉iro, and shaker all in one ... more info

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