Top 20 Best Selling Wire Strippers (2021) Reviews

Cheap, durable & top rated electrical wire strippers to help with fast & easy wire stripping. Made by popular electrical tools brands – Irwin, Klein, Nieko, GB etc.

Strips and cuts cable/wire from 10-24 gauge. Adjustable stopper controls the length of the core strip. ... more info

Stripping cable jackets from the delicate wires within can be a tricky process. Now you can protect your cat. 5 or cat. 5e wiring from being nicked. The Cat. 5 Cable Jacket Stripper is an economical tool specifically designed to strip the cable jacket fro ... more info

1011 Model Code: AC - Price is for 1 Each (part# 1011) This item features: -Serrated nose jaws to bend, shape, or pull wire. -Holes for looping wire ends. -Coil-spring opening action reduces fatigue. -Scissors action of 1/2'' wide cutter makes clean cutt ... more info

Easy-to-use automatic wire stripper removes the insulation from wires instantly. Strip and cut cables from 10-26 AWG, adjust automatically. Besides stripping wires insulation, it can also crimp 10-22 AWG insulated terminals, crimp 4-22 AWG non-insulated t ... more info

All automatic wire strippers should be this easy to use! Set the strip length, insert a wire, squeeze the handles, and you鈥檙e finished. Multiple conductors may be stripped at one time for consistency, and a convenient wire cutter is featured below the str ... more info

The GB 8-22 AWG Strip-Easy Automatic Wire Stripper is an ideal choice for stripping solid or stranded wire. The stripper strips wires clean with one easy squeeze, up to 7/8-inches thick, and does so without nicking or cutting the wire conductor. For added ... more info

Cast-alloy with heavy-duty Ecoat finish for corrosion resistance and durability. Quick and easy 8-22 AWG wire stripping. Precision machined stripping holes easily remove jacket insulation without damaging wire. Remove up to 1 (24mm) in length of the insul ... more info

Klein-Kurve庐 Wire Strippers Type: Wire Stripper/Cutter Maximum Wire Gage: 6 AWG Stranded Minimum Wire Gage: 12 AWG Stranded Overall Length: 7-1/8 Wire Type: Stranded ... more info

CHA958 Features and Benefits: -Designed to cut copper wire only. -Precision holes for wire stripping. -Lean plier nose pulls and loops wire. -Scissor-type blades are precision ground and heat treated to hold their edge. -Highly visible AWG and mm wire ... more info

11055 Model Code: AA (part# 11055) This item features: -Precision shear-type blades for clean cuts on solid and stranded copper wire. -Easy to read markings on both sides. -Overall Length: 7 1/8 in. -Price is for 1 Each. Model Code聽聽Model Description AAS ... more info

The STRIP-ALL is a compact labor saving tool ergonomically designed to make a cinch of stripping the jacket of many cables such as: plenum, computer & communication, line cord, Romex庐 / NM (flat or round), coax, Category 5 plus many more! Ring and straigh ... more info

6 T-Type Wire Stripper/Cutter, Loops Wire and Has Narrow Surrated Tip For Pulling Strips 16-26 AWG Stranded Wire, Red Plastic Dipped Handles, , Made In USA. ... more info

Stainless Steel Wire Stripper, For 10 To 22 American Wire Gauge Solid & 18-24 Stranded Wire, Double Bevel Cutting Blade, Oversized Rubberized Symmetric Handles, Adjustable Pivot Screws, Stainless Steel, Carded. ... more info

Automatic Wire Strippers Type: Regular Wire Stripper Maximum Wire Gage: 20 AWG Minimum Wire Gage: 30 AWG Overall Length: 7 ... more info

Strips, cuts and crimps wire, loops wire ends; even cuts machine bolts. Lifetime limited warranty. ... more info

RS-101AC allows you to safely cut any type of armored cable by simply changing the depth of cut. Make cuts in tight quarters! Simply ratchet the handle back & forth when you're in a tight spot. Quickly change the blade with an adjustable wrench thanks to ... more info

Designed specifically for compression connections. Strips all coaxial cables including RG-6, RG-58, RG-59, RG-62 and RG-6 quad and more. Adjustable stripping distance for different size cables. Thumb-wind style ... more info

6, Professional Wire Stripper and Looper, 10 To 20 American Wire Gauge, Spring and Lock Pliers Nose, Comfortable High Leverage Handles, Made In USA. ... more info

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