Top 20 Best Selling Wire Rope Cutters (2021)

Switchblade from Crescent gives you the power to cut cardboard, banding straps, blister packs, wire, metal, shingles and more - all in one fast, easy to use interchangeable blade system. When scissors won't cut it, reach for Switchblade. ... more info

Compact Hand Swager for Wire Rope 1/32, 3/64 and 1/16 Oval and Stop Sleeves ... more info

Cable Cutter, Cordless, Cycles Per Charge: 300, Voltage: 18V, Capacity: 2(50MM) Diameter Aluminum Or Copper Cable, Includes: (1) 18V Battery, Charger Cable Cutter ... more info

These small yet powerful units are probably the most ubiquitous packaging machines, and are used to seal bags for a great variety of industries and applications. They are affordable and easy to use, which makes them a great alternative for light-duty bag ... more info

Garment metal Hang Tag String gold plated safety pin high-end clothing pin lanyard tag rope snap tabs hang tag string ... more info

Hand Swager for Wire Rope 1/8 oval sleeves, plus 5/32, 3/16, 7/32 stop sleeve, plus 5/32 stainless steel sleeves ... more info

The Gardner Bender GBX-300 cuts BX, MC, AC, and liquid tight 3/8-Inch conduit for greater versatility. The high durability blade provides two times the normal wear characteristics. It contains storage for replacement blades and the pivot shaft is reinforc ... more info

Hand Swager for Wire Rope 3/16 and 7/32 stainless steel sleeves ... more info

Garment metal Hang Tag String gold plated safety pin high-end clothing pin lanyard tag rope snap tabs hang tag string ... more info

The Hand Held Hot Knife is a useful tool for cutting and searing the ends of braided sleeving, nylon rope, and other similar materials. It only takes seconds for this unit to heat up and be ready for use. Reaches up to 450掳 F 120 Volt, 1.5 Amps, 150 Watts ... more info

This Record Handy Wire Cutter Is Capable Of Cutting:Mild Steel Strand Up To 6.5Mm.Unarmoured Electrical Cable, Soft Steel Wire And Spring Steel Wire Up To 2.5Mm.Length: 180Mm (7 1/2 In). ... more info

Explore your backyard with this toy bug catcher. Use the bug catcher to catch creatures, contains air holes. Made of plastic. Size 7 L. ... more info

Compact 4 Cavity Hand Swager, for Wire Rope 1/32, 3/64, 1/16 and 3/32 ... more info

The Sharpest Knife to Dive Safely Through the Surface The VT-3991 Submarine Knife is not only one of the sharpest knives in the market but it is also one of the safest. Designed with a versatile blade guard and tipped with a metal guide shoe to help peel ... more info

Welch Allyn Illuminator Light System Kleenspec Speculum Vaginal Cordless EaPart No. 79900 ... more info

Ultra fast heat-up time, under 10 seconds! Will cut through a 1 Nylon line in less than 10 seconds 120 volts. Heats up to 1200掳 Fahrenheit Cuts and heat seals at the same time Comes with a 2-1/2 blade. Replacements blades are available. Lighted ON/OF ... more info

Extra long nose for better row separation Bottom platform and beveled surface allows the cutter to stay straight Bigelow style Comfort fit handle Hardened, heat treated machined steel blade Steel plate blade guard Overall dimensions: 7.5 L x .75 W ... more info

Hit Tools 22-WC16 Features: -ACSR Wire Rope Cutter. -An economical tool for general cutting. -Shear-cut blades, special designed for cutting soft and hard cable, wire rope and ACSR. -Length: 28. -Aluminum Cable: 1. -Wire Rope: 5/8. -ACSR: 7/16. -Piano Wir ... more info

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