Top 20 Best Selling Windscreens & Pop Filters Microphones & Accessories (2021)

Designed for studio use and other professional vocal recording environments. Microphone pop filter with boom and stand clamp. View larger Nady MPF-6 Pop Filter for Vocal Microphones The extremely popular Nady MPF-6 Pop Filter is an anti-pop noise ... more info

AmoVee Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Use the AmoVee Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter to immediately improve the sound of your vocal recordings! Plosive sounds such as p and b create a sudden burst of air pressure that can create ... more info

Protect your mics against wind interference and singers' spit with an On Stage Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen. Designed for normal sized handheld mics similar in design to a Shure SM58, these colorful foam windscreens fit most mics. They are not designed f ... more info

The Pop is a universal windscreen for use with any microphone. Simply clamp it to the mic stand and position where desired. The sturdy wire mesh and frame ensure years of durability. Blue Microphones The Pop Universal Pop Filter Do not Miss!! The Pop is a ... more info

The CAD Audio EPF15A is one of the most well-recognized pop filters in the world ... more info

High Quality handheld stage microphone windscreens cover. Color: Blue/Green/Yellow/Hot Pink/Orange, Quantity: 5 for one order. 2.8 Height x 2.3 Width. ... more info

Designed to reduce unpleasant wind, breath & popping noise and keep the same level of sound quality at the same time, the Tetra-Teknica XFFZ5P comes in a generous package of 5 windscreens. Made of premium grade foam, these extra-thick windscreens fit most ... more info

That sinking feeling, when you realize that your recording is wasted...What's that sound? A dull thud? Distortion every time there is a p or a b?Every time. Your heart sinks as you realize all your efforts are wasted.Your recording is useless. You are goi ... more info

High Quality microphone windscreens cover. Color: Black, Quantity: 5 for one order. 2.8 Height x 2.3 Width. This product is sold exclusively by Bluecell Power. Buy only the authentic products from Bluecell Power and get 6-month WARRANTY. ... more info

Description: * Protects your microphone from surplus spit caused by over eager performers. * 360? flexible gooseneck holder, convenient for use. * Swivel mount for easy installation. * Adjustable clamp fixes securely to any mic stand. * Goose neck for pre ... more info

The Shure A58WS Windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality. It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the m ... more info

This is an essential item for recording, speaking or singing. It will help to ensure that your tracks are audible and easy to understand. And also it will make sure your message loud and clear, and banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds that come w ... more info

The Movo WS3 is a microphone windsceen made of an artificial rabbit fur material that greatly reduces noise by providing enhanced wind diffusion. The furry windscreen slips over windscreens providing increased wind protection. ... more info

The Nady SSPF-4 microphone pop filter has an integrated spider shock mount with 8 elastic suspension points to prevent vibration and significantly reduces the noise transmitted from the mic stand. The Nady SSPF-4 mic filter also features a pinch clamp hol ... more info

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