Top 20 Best Selling Wii Drums Controllers (2021)

Please note that this the pedal ONLY! Will work with PS2, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360's Rock Band & Rock Band 2. ... more info

Perfect for brand new players and veteran drummers alike, the Rock Pack from dreamGEAR consists of 2 high performance, light weight aluminum Beat Stix with texturized rubber grips to help prevent slipping and improve control and 4 color foam pads to provi ... more info

Electronic Arts RB Drum Set Wii Wii-styled Drum Set! An entirelynew look for Rock Band comes to the Wii in the form of white drums. ... more info

This is the original foot pedal for the Guitar Hero World Tour and Band Hero Drums. ... more info

Add a new dimension to your rock experience with the all new wireless Rock Band 2 Drum Set. ... more info

The Rock Band drum silencers are an easy and effective way to eliminate excess impact noise. Quit bothering your neighbors and relatives during game play at night. Silencers are cut-to-fit and lay perfectly over the Rock Band drum. Silencers can be remove ... more info

Replace your worn or broken Guitar Hero or Rock Band bass pedal with this Universal Bass Pedal from us. This metal plate reinforced pedal is designed to handle even the most bass-heavy songs in your Rock Band or Guitar Hero collection with ease. ... more info

Guitar Hero World Tour delivers the most realistic drum experience ever in a video game with this wireless authentic drum kit. Featuring three drum pads, two raised cymbals and a bass kick pedal, the drum controller combines larger and quieter, velocity- ... more info

Officially licensed and original replacement kick pedal for Rock Band 2. Features steel enforced diamond plate cover to prevent breakage. Includes double bass adapter that allows for two pedals to be used at the same time. Works with both Rock Band and Ro ... more info

Keep the beat with a pedal that can take a beating with the Metal Pedal from Nyko. The Metal Pedal features reinforced metal plating for unparalleled durability and a unique hard rock design evoking the spirit of rock icons past and present. The extra-wid ... more info

Hard throne surfaces can be very uncomfortable and difficult to endure for extended periods of time. Without solid support and comfort, your style and creativity can be severely impaired. The i-CON by ASD Rock Throne has a 2 thick cushion seat that create ... more info

Replacement drumsticks with personality and flare. ... more info

Replacement drumsticks with personality and flare. ... more info

Replacement drumsticks with personality and flare. ... more info

Drum like the pros do with the Rock Band 2 Cymbal Expansion Kit from Mad Catz. With the easy-to-install mounting bracket, you have total control and can setup your drum kit in any configuration you see fit. The color-coded wing nuts let you mount and conf ... more info

Replacement drumsticks with personality and flare. ... more info

The Drum Throne is a heavy-duty drum seat that offers security and comfort for the rocking and rolling you¿ll be doing when playing Rockband or Guitar Hero World Tour. The tripod legs are made of durable black steel and capped with sturdy rubber feet for ... more info

Mad Catz’ Electro-Harmonix Overdrive Pedal for ‘Rock Band 2’ guitars was taken right out of the game and created for your living room. No more missing notes from having to tilt your guitar’s neck upwards to activate Overdrive. Just connect the 10’ cable ... more info

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