Top 20 Best Selling Wii Cables Cables & Adapters (2021)

Cables Unlimited's Hardcore Gaming Wii A/V cable allows you to enjoy quality audio and video from your Wii. This premium cable features gold-plated connectors and is capable of supporting up to 480i standard resolution using an analog signal. ... more info

4 brand new black gamecube/wii extension cables to use for smash brothers, mario kart, and all your wii + gamecube favorites!!! ... more info

*Provides advanced signal processing with great precision. Colors, resolutions! * High quality, state of the art motion adaptive de-interlacing for 480i ,576i input. * No power adaptor, no messy cords?just one HDMI cable. * Hassle Free! Plug and play as y ... more info

This controller extension cable adds an extra 6 feet to the controller cord. Simply connect this cable to your Wii classic Controller / GameCube Controller and your console. **note: this is not an extension cable for connectors to the WiiMote, it is for ... more info

Get the highest level graphic聽output possible from you Nintendo Wii with these Enhanced Definition (480p) Component Video/Stereo Audio cables.聽 These cables provide stunning video and high quality stereo audio.聽 A must for any true gaming enthusiast.100% ... more info

Stock up on this RVL-009 Stereo A/V cable for Nintendo Wii!This 8-foot cable is used to connect the Nintendo Wii console to your TV. The RVL-009 features RCA stereo audio connectors and an RCA composite video connector for simple connection to your TV. Or ... more info

Sensor bar extension cable is designed to lengthen the official Nintendo sensor bar that is included with the Wii console, as well as many other third party sensor bars that require a connection to the Wii console. Our high quality cable is made of dura ... more info

Wired controllers are great, they always work and don't need batteries. But if you want to sit more than a few feet from your console, you're going to need some extension cables. These Global Game Gear branded cables fill that need. Use them together, ... more info

Fosmon Replacement Power Supply Cord AC Adapter for Nintendo Wii Premium quality replacement power supply adapter cable for Nintendo Wii gaming console. Great for replacing damaged or lost AC adapters or a convenient spare if using your console in multip ... more info

Extends many Wii sensor bar cables up to 30 ft Easy to use and install for Wii and WiiU Great for home theater ... more info

If you own multiple game consoles, this universal cable will reduce the tangle mess of cords and cables behind your entertainment system. So, you'll no longer need separate A/V cables to connect each one to your TV. Best of all, you won't have to swap o ... more info

Enjoy the best gaming experience from your Wii with this high-quality cable. It supports the highest-possible resolution modes for the best sound & video output. Please note: this is an aftermarket item. To get the best quality to you at the best price, t ... more info

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