Top 20 Best Selling Weapons Bokken (2021)

Standard Plastic Tsuba and rubber stopper for both long and short Bokuto ... more info

High Quality Bokken Set Combination. Long (1m) and Short Bokken (55cm). Comes with Bokken Tsuba and Bokken Tsuba Dome (Tsuba Stopper). Color Black, Red and White. ... more info

Product Description These 40 inch 1 natural and 1 black traditional daito are ideal practice swords to safely practice your sword skills while protecting your self and partners. Constructed from hardwood and includes two piece handguard. Please note that ... more info

This bokken is beautiful made of red oak wood with a wood scabbard. Approx. 2 x 3 x 42 over all length. ... more info

Miscellaneous 40in Boken Natural Wood, Natural Finish Red Oak Construction w/ Plastic Collar M3326 ... more info

Top quality Super Heavy Bokken, made of Red Oak. This Suburito is extra heavy. Great for building your muscles doing Suburi. Similar shape as the Bokken Musashi took to Ganryujima, when fought against Sasaki Kojiro. ... more info

This practice katana is constructed of lacquered hardwood. This is a fine piece for swordplay, strength training, display, costume, and defense. In the hands of an experienced kendo master a boken can be just as devastating as an actual sword. Measures 40 ... more info

The Bokken is a practice weapon for the Japanese sword arts. This weapon was used primarily for sparring and kata training. However, a bokken itself is quite an effective weapon on it own. In the hands of an experienced kendo master a bokken can be just a ... more info

This bokken is constructed of oak with a solid burgandy lacquer finish. The handle is wrapped with a black cotton cord in the traditional katana style. The 23' blade is engraved with a Dragon preparing to strike. The guard is black with a textured surface ... more info

You will receive 1 Black Bokken and 1 Burgundy Bokken, both with samurai katana sword style handle wrapping (tsuka ito). These 40 daitos are ideal practice swords to safely practice your sword skills while protecting yourself and partners. Constructed ... more info

Beautifully crafted hardwood sword with a hardwood scabbard and affixed hardwood hand guard. Features an interlocking magnet on the sword which helps keep it locked in the scabbard. Features Measures 29 inches. Patent Pending. Handling Fee NotificationTh ... more info

Bokken Tsuba - Plastic ... more info

This 39 oak cherry stained samurai bokken makes a great training weapon and is also perfect for a display. Simply a beautiful bokken.Features Made from sturdy oak and stained to a beautiful deep glossy cherry finish Measures 39 long Cord-wrapped handle wh ... more info

The boken is constructed of oak with a dark stained finish. The handle of the boken is wrapped in a nylon cord, just as a katana would be. The boken has been constructed with a high detail to replicate the look and feel of a katana, with a kissak at the e ... more info

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