Top 20 Best Selling Wax Waxing (2019)

Designed for extreme bikini waxing. Strip free formula for sensitive and delicate areas. 14 ounce can. ... more info

All purpose wax leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair. Gentle enough for delicate areas. 14 oz. can. ... more info

* Blend of natural wax. Recommended for arm and leg hair removal. Does not fit Personal Waxer This refill does fit the Spa Full Service Unit and Portable Waxer, Spa Basic Service Kit and the discontinued Full Service Station. * Each Wax Refill 80g = 2.8oz ... more info

SATIN SMOOTH SSW14CT CALENDULA WAXThe secret to the rich feel of this depilatory wax is the natural extracts from the wild calendula flower and the tea tree plant. Used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, the combination calms and soothes the skin. The ... more info

Naturally gentle - inspired by the beauty ritual of Mediterranean women. Nair created this wax from natural extracts and aromatic fragrance, making it easy to use, effective and gentle on skin. The exclusive multi-position roll-on bottle ensures even appl ... more info

Wax your bikini line, or any other area without the pain! No Scream Cream brings you a topical anesthetic that alleviates exhausting wax-related pain that doesn't interfere with standard wax formulas. Safe, natural formula numbs waxing area for a painless ... more info

Eliminate unwanted facial hair without pain or stubble. Gentle cream dissolves hair away below skin's surface. Exclusive collagen and vitamin e lotion soothes and softens skin. ... more info

Brazilian spa clay roll-on wax was launched by the design house of Nair. It is recommended for daily use. Please store in a cool dry place. Brazilian spa clay roll-on wax by Nair for women 5.7 ounce wax. ... more info

Micro Tweeze Hair Microwave Hair Remover is a hard wax all natural hair remover. ... more info

Melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularly on sensitive skin. ... more info

Strip-Free Hot Wax by Parissa 4 oz Wax Strip-Free Hot Wax 120g 4 fl oz Strip-Free Hot Wax a no-strip salon hair remover that gently lifts away short coarse hair for ultra smooth skin up to 8 weeks. Includes vial of Azulene Oil to soothe soften skin and pr ... more info

The vitamins and rich emollients in this deluxe depilatory wax help to soften and smooth the hair shaft for ultra-soothing wax treatments. Developed especially for African-American and Latino clients, this all-purpose creamy wax removes thick, coarse and ... more info

Amazing new technology to create a highly versatile hair care system for all hair types, textures, styles and chemical care needs. Simple as 1-2-3 to cleanse, repair, moisturize and equalize your hair for that every day salon look. Enjoy hair care is a un ... more info

Gigi wax off gently removes all traces of wax from the skin. ... more info

Coffee extract acts as a potent antioxidant to promote healthy skin. Gentle formula for all skin types. ... more info

GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax, new formulation was designed specifically for a very thorough bikini waxing -- where every bit of hair is removed except for a thin strip in the front. The skin in this area is sensitive and delicate, yet the hair can be extr ... more info

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