Top 20 Best Selling Water Sports Boating Magazines (2021)

This magazine is edited for both water sport and fishing enthusiasts and active and recreational family boaters. It features information on smaller to mid-sized boats and focuses on participation and enjoyment of the sport of boating. ... more info

The indispensable magazine for today's yachtsman, providing power and sailing enthusiasts authoritative evaluations of new boats, gear and equipment. Coverage of cruising, traveling and racing destinations. ... more info

Good Old Boat Magazine is about: Creating a community of sailors. Offering a resource by pooling the knowledge of our readers. Keeping our boats afloat with technical articles focusing on maintenance and upgrades. Celebrating older-model sailboats empha ... more info

Pacific Yachting is a must-read for every boater and adventurer. Each month contains the Ask the Pros feature, cooking tips from James Barber and information on seamanship, chartering and destinations the whole family will enjoy. ... more info

A brand that is totally involved in its market. By getting involved with its readers, the brand plays a major part in promoting boating against all the other competing leisure interests. ... more info

Ski-Boat magazine features a range of topics from the dangers of deep sea fishing to how to read the equipment when you're bottomfishing. Ski-Boat magazine also covers the OET Bill- and Gamefish Tournament, the Driftwood Gamefishing Extravaganza and the ... more info

Business magazine for the boating world. ... more info

Catalyst is the journal of the Amateur Yacht Research Society. It covers current research and development news and contains articles on the improvement of yachts, sailing equipment, and experimental vessels. ... more info

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