Top 20 Best Selling Wallpaper Removers Prep Materials (2021)

A tool designed to score wallcovering surfaces to allow wallpaper removers to penetrate to the wall surface. The unique cutting action penetrates the wallcovering only and lifts small sections away from the surface. ... more info

SHUR-STIK PRE-PASTED ACTIVATOR - Shur-stik 007 is ready to use paste activator that is formulated to make the installation of all pre-pasted wall coverage easier, cleaner and trouble free. It eliminates the need for messy water tray. Just apply back of t ... more info

WP Chomp wallpaper remover is a powerful and safe liquid that speeds the removal of all types of wallpaper. Penetrates fast, soaks through paper immediately. Contains no gels, sprays on easy, is safe and pleasant to use, 5 times less toxic than baby shamp ... more info

2486 Features: -Wallpaper stripper.-Makes removal quicker and easier.-Powerful ready to use formula works in minutes.-Safe, non toxic and easy to use.-Non drip liquid clings to walls and stays wet longer.-No rewetting needed.-Fastest way to remove wallcov ... more info

4047 Features: -Trim guard.-Metal blade cuts painting time of large areas.-Edge, trim, smooth vinyl.-Glass cutting blade.-24''. ... more info

2861 Features: -Seam and repair adhesive.-Seals down stubborn curled seams, edges, tears and overlaps.-Professional strength sets faster and bonds stronger.-Non-drip makes application easy and neat.-Dries clear, non-staining.-Cleans up easily with water.- ... more info

62008 Features: -All purpose adhesive and wallsize.-High performance powder adhesive for hanging pre-pasted and non pasted wallcoverings and borders.-Readily dissolves in cold water without forming lumps, spreads easily, dries clear and is odorless.-Non-s ... more info

3274 Features: -Wallpaper stripper replacement blade.-3'' single-edge blade.-Fits Wallpaper Stripper 3241.-2 per card. ... more info

The HomeRight Steam Machine Large Nylon Brush was designed to scrub away stuck on dirt and grime from delicate surfaces. Connect the Large Nylon Brush to the Straight Adaptor on the Steam Machine. The Large Nylon Brush gives you the extra scrubbing power ... more info

630-0820 Features: -High performance sealing and glazing compound that is ideal for use in most OEM and maintenance applications.-Forms a strong, durable and weather-resistant seal and provides excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces.-Solvent clean ... more info

02874 Features: -Wallcovering adhesive.-Hangs any wallpaper or border including prepasted and no pasted wallcoverings.-Ideal for hanging over painted, primed or wallpapered surfaces.-Mildew resistant.-Prevents missed spots by going on pink and drying clea ... more info

BLACKTOP & ROOF SEALANT - Seals cracks in blacktop, driveways & roofs. Waterproof, long lasting. Remains flexible. Excellent adhesion. Construction grade. Exterior use. ... more info

8 OZ, Teknabond Universal Dry Adhesive/Size For All Types Of Wallpaper, Excellent For Pre-Pasted Papers As A Activator With Insurance, This Formula Must Be Mixed With Water & Can Be Applied To Wallpaper With A Paste Brush Or Paint Brush/Roller For Even Co ... more info

Destroys rust and leaves a tough coating that can be painted without another primer. Seals and protects metal. Remove loose rust with coarse sandpaper or wire brush. Surface must be clean, dry and free of grease, dirt and oil. Spray or brush Extend onto r ... more info

Formulated to provide a water tight seal around windows, doors, and molding and other areas of your home. This multi purpose sealant can be used indoors or outdoors and helps increase energy efficiency by reducing drafts and cold spots. Mildew resistant. ... more info

Formulated with MaxFlex technology. Water resistant in 2 hours. Won't crack or shrink and provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability for a waterproof seal. Adheres to wood, plaster, brick, metal, concrete, glass, stone, vinyl, masonry, tile, ... more info

The McCulloch MC1255 Wallpaper Remover and Steam Cleaner is a multi-purpose steam cleaner for use outdoors and indoors and a solution for unwanted wallpaper. Using ordinary water heated to over 200F, the MC1255 effectively and naturally cleans and sanitiz ... more info

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