Top 20 Best Selling Vibration Sensors Shock & Vibration Control (2022)

Bakes Rosebud Urethral Sound Set, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm ... more info

Price for: Each 1 . Coil Resistance:100ohm.Coil Type:DC.Coil Voltage:6VDC.Coil Voltage VDC Nom:6V.Contact Configuration:SPDT.Contact Current:12A.Contact Current Max:12A.Contact Voltage AC Nom:120V.Contact Voltage DC Nom:30V.Contact Voltage VAC:120V.Contac ... more info

Brand New 1 Piece of Bakes Rosebud Urethral Sounds 3mm ... more info

Ever get tired of your robots running into the wall over, and over, and over again? Need a way for your project to react before its too late? If the answer is yes than this little Ultrasonic Module is packed with all the power needed to end your detection ... more info

SWITCH HANDLE For Use With:Square D Mini-VARIO and VARIO Disconnect Switches RoHS Compliant: Yes ... more info

2.4Ghz A7105 NRF24L01 Chip 2400-2483MHz RF Wireless Module. ... more info

Price for: Each 1 . Coil Current:83mA.Coil Resistance:144ohm.Coil Type:DC Monostable.Coil Voltage:12VDC.Coil Voltage VDC Nom:12V.Contact Configuration:-.Contact Current:30A.Contact Current Max:30A.Contact Voltage AC Nom:240V.Contact Voltage VAC:240V.Exter ... more info

This is 1-Channel DC 05V Low level Relay Module. Equiped with power relay, 10A, AC 250V/125V, DC 30V/28V. ... more info

Used for water heaters, credit card machines, automatic water dispenser, such as flow measurement devices! ... more info

Application: electricity meter pulse data sampling, fax paper shredder detection, obstacle detection, black and white line detection. Designed with reflected infrared sensor, indicator light. Built in a potentiometer for sensitivity control. Please note ... more info

1. The product version according to the voltage in the DC voltage end connected to the corresponding DC voltage, not wrong power supply or connect the power supply, otherwise may burn out module; 2. The first set product function, using the FS key choice, ... more info

Dimensions: 28.2mm (length) * 13.1mm (W) * 5.5mm (height) Operating voltage: 4V - 30V Sensor Model: LM35DZ Signal Output Type: Analog Temperature measuring range: 0 ℃ - 100 ℃ Measuring accuracy: 0.5 ℃ linear scale factor: +10 mV / ℃ Low power consumption, ... more info

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