Top 20 Best Selling Vibraphones Concert Percussion (2021)

3-Octave Standard Vibe feature 1-1/4 non-graduated silver bars with matching resonators. Includes cover. ... more info

Marimba/Vibes mallet, Balter Basics series. Blue cord, medium blue birch mallet. ... more info

This is a wonderful authentic Trinidadian painted Medium Steel Drum. These medium drums are in the properly tuned in the key of C. These drums are hand made on the island of Trinidad, the birthplace of the steel drum. They have a clean painted finish for ... more info

The Alpha Series Vibraphone from Adams combines advanced acoustic engineering with cutting edge design for an instrument that stands apart from the crowd sonically and aesthetically. Adams propriety alloy and advanced Alpha tuning system create a full bal ... more info

The vibraphone from Majestic spans 3 whole octaves and has 4 graduations. This vibraphone also features a wide pedal with twin pull rods, offset arch resonators, a memory gel damper pad, and crank-up height adjustors. ... more info

The YV1605 3 Octave Silver Intermediate Vibes are perfect for Junior High school or most any intermediate application. Non-graduated bars keep the instrument compact and height adjustment makes this a perfect instrument for any size player. Complete with ... more info

For a mellow, focused sound, the YV-2700 Studio vibraphone uses matte finish aluminum alloy bars. Features graduated silver bars. Comes complete with drop cover. ... more info

The Yamaha YV-3710G 3-Octave Professional Tour Vibraphone features bars that utilize the exclusive Yamaha tuning method for true pitch and a full sound. Additional tuning process of partials ensures superb intonation and broad tone. These graduated bars p ... more info

This 4-octave gold Orchestral Vibe has hinged rails, two part resonators and damper bar for compact transport. Features dual angle supports and memory fan position. Cover included. ... more info

Unique aluminum alloy tone bars with satin finish produce a warm sound. The Tough-Terrain Frame is efficient for transporting both instruments and accessories. The Silent pause and slider motor control does not interfere with performance. Height adjustmen ... more info

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