Top 20 Best Selling Vertical Electrophoresis Apparatus Electrophoresis Systems (2022)

Sweet, handy telephone books for your handbag. They are made from natural handmade paper decorated with dried petal flower & leaves with indented alphabetical directory blank sheets of acid free papers. Twig pencil included. ... more info

Want to teach your students about gel electrophoresis but don't have the time or resources? Why not use this durable, simulated gel? It closely imitates the look and feel of a real gel and can be used over and over again. Use it to teach how to create sta ... more info

The front cover features a lovely nickel plate which has been hand engraved with an Owl design.The Nickel notebooks is made from eco friendly tree bark. ... more info

Designed for separation of proteins on polyacrylamide gels. The MV10 unit holds one 9 x 10 cm gel cassette and can accommodate most pre-cast or self-made gels. ... more info

Double the capacity of our item# 213668 Carolinaā„¢ Gel Electrophoresis Chamber. Includes 2 heavy, nonwarping trays plus four 8-well combs. Simply place the first casting tray in the gel box, add buffer, and load gel wells; next, place second casting tray o ... more info

220-V is for International Customers. This low-cost starter system is research quality. Includes the EC105 Minicell Power Supply (#213676) and the Minicell Miniature Submarine Gel Chamber (#689734), plus all accessories to cast and run agarose slab gels. ... more info

This low-cost starter system is research quality. Includes the item# 213676 EC105 MinicellĀ® Power Supply and the item# 689734 MinicellĀ® Miniature Submarine Gel Chamber, plus all accessories to cast and run agarose slab gels. System is designed for DNA dig ... more info

Aligned with Big Idea 3 and Essential Knowledge 3.A.1, 3.A.3, and 3.C.1Emphasizes Science Practices 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 Use gel electrophoresis to conduct restriction enzyme analysis in your classroom with a new, inquiry-based twist.Learn how to perform gel ... more info

Pour gels without masking tape when using Carolinaā„¢ Deluxe Gel Electrophoresis Chambers!The essentials for conducting electrophoresis experiments. Station II runs 4 gels at one time. Package includes:CarolinaĀ™ Electrophoresis Power Supply2 CarolinaĀ™ NG El ... more info

Great for staining and storing gels, this sturdy plastic tray comes with a lid and has a drain hole with a removable plug for draining off stain and washes during the destaining process. Base measures 5square. ... more info

This starter kit comes with special gel-running apparatus/power source and 6 E-Gel(r) gels. Gel runs can be set up in minutes with 3 easy steps. The power source, which has pre-set run times of 15 and 30 minutes for running double-and single-comber gels, ... more info

Made of durable acrylic, this one piece molded design make the electrophoresis tank easy to use and safe. Using platinum electrodes for excellent conductivity and connection to a power source is easy with the two red/black female banana receptacles. Comes ... more info

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