Top 20 Best Selling Usuba & Nakiri Knives Asian Knives (2022)

The Classic Nakiri Knife from Wusthof combines the features of a chef's knife with the versatility of a vegetable cleaver. The Granton-edge blade, angled on both sides for slicing and chopping, is 30% sharper and holds its edge 30% longer than ordinary As ... more info

You'll love how the Pure Komachi2 Nakiri Knife effortlessly chops vegetables and makes quick work of all you vegetable prep. Brilliant monochromatic colors make the Pure Komachi2 series a real eye-catcher. But all that fun-loving color has a serious purpo ... more info

Thin and ultra-sharp, the Premier Nakiri knife is perfect for slicing vegetables and fruits paper-thin. This dynamic knife features a 5.5 inch blade that glides through crisp vegetables or delicate fruits like tomatoes like butter. Elegant and beautiful ... more info

Calphalon LX Series Cutlery 5 Nakiri. Fully forged blade. Full tang for balance and strengh. Fully tapered from cuttin gedge to spine and from tip to heel for superior strength. Tempered heat hardened to 1000 degrees C. HRC 54-56. ... more info

Sword making history in Japan dates back over 1,000 years, when master sword smiths practiced their craft making weapons for warriors. Modern Japanese kitchen knives are a descendant of these renowned swords, as evidenced in the details, ideals and spirit ... more info

The traditional vegetable knife for the professional Japanese chef, Usuba knives are shaped to chop and dice vegetables with ease, while preventing vegetable skins from tearing or cracking. The blade height allows for knuckle clearance when chopping on a ... more info

Ginsu 14-piece knife set with wood block. View larger. Mercer Cutlery For those who take cooking seriously and believe food preparation should be faster, easier, and more comfortable, the choice is Mercer. Mercer's brands feature exceptional quality ... more info

A useful addition to any cutlery collection, this versatile Usuba knife by Shun features a substantial blade that measures 6-1/2 inches long. Use the knife for slicing and peeling vegetables or garnishes. It also works well for creating the perfect vegeta ... more info

Wusthof SilverPoint II Nakiri Vegetable Knife with Hollow Edge ... more info

Wusthof Classic knives are forged from one piece of specially tempered, high carbon, alloyed stainless steel to ensure outstanding strength and sharpness. Classic series knives were the first to feature Wusthof PEtec - Precision Edge Technology - for an e ... more info

Weight:183g (6.5 oz) Blade Length:180mm (7) Blade Width(max):50mm (2) Blade Thickness(max):3mm (1/8) Handle Length:130mm (5 1/8) Total Length:380mm (15) Balance Point:184mm (7 1/4) (6mm 1/4HL): 2pt. Head Light ... more info

The Nakiri professional stainless steel knife is coveted by seasoned chefs as the most versatile knife to have in the kitchen. Chops and slices fruits, vegetables and meats with unprecedented precision. Slices meats deli-thin for sandwiches, creates strip ... more info

Our handmade Yoshihiro Kasumi knives are crafted by our master artisans with the utmost care to create high quality knives that offer exceptional performance with exceptional value. White Steel #2 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 62, is forged wit ... more info

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