Top 20 Best Selling Upright Bass Parts (2021)

While the original Blue Oasis provides sufficient humidity in many environments, it is not effective everywhere. The humidity demands of the desert, mountain states or frigid north exceed the humidification capacity of the device. For this reason, Oasis d ... more info

The huge success of the original Blue Oasis sound-hole humidifier has brought many inquiries about ways to provide humidification for other instruments including violins, violas, cellos, mandolins, ukuleles, jazz guitars and guitars with flat top cases.Af ... more info

Original Strat Black Switch Tips from Fender come in packs of 2 and will keep your axe's hardware looking stock. ... more info

D'Andrea Guitar strap buttons. Metal with slot-head screw. Set of 2 in black, chrome or gold. ... more info

String and spring kit for volume pedal models 6166, 6165, 6167, 6168 ... more info

Package of 2 original Telecaster switch tips from Fender. ... more info

Gold 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Knob, (Qty 1) Push-On, fits split shaft pots, 11/32 tall x 7/8 wide. ... more info

This is the multipole DiMarzio Split Coil Pickup Selector Switch for Fender guitars with 5-way switching. DiMarzio includes black and white knobs and necessary screws with this pickup selector. If you've been disappointed in your selector's performance la ... more info

Protection from braces; Reusable orthodontic shields; ... more info

Use this DiMarzio Custom Taper Split Shaft Pot for volume or tone control. Rated at 250KOhm, potentiometer comes with mounting hardware and has an integral DPDT switch. ... more info

The 1/4 Stereo Acoustic Endpin Jack accepts standard 1/4 instrument cable plugs. It is a long threaded barrel input jack that can be wired mono or stereo. Requires a 1/2-diameter mounting hole and at least 7/16 wood thickness. Overall length 2. Includes n ... more info

The DiMarzio 2-Position DPDT Mini Switch includes mounting hardware. ... more info

The Oasis OH-14 Case Plus+ Humidifier uses the same evaporative membrane as the Oasis Plus+ humidifier (see our sku# 421671), providing 50% more daily humidity supply than the Oasis Case humidifier.This humidifier is designed for use in drier environments ... more info

DiMarzio builds their typical quality into this 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch for Fender Telecaster guitars. Like other DiMarzio pickup switches, it comes with installation screws and black and white knobs. Just the thing if you've finally worn out the pic ... more info

The Oasis Hygrometer Holder was created to enable you to measure the humidity at the body of your guitar without risk of scratching the soundboard. Accurate humidity measurement is only possible when the hygrometer is positioned near the area where the hu ... more info

ProLine provides working musicians with a wide range of affordable accessories and replacement parts. The name says it all. ... more info

Fender put together this package of 2 genuine Fender American Standard Strap Buttons. ... more info

Oasis' OH-5 Plus + instrument humidifier keeps your guitar, or any other wooden instrument, in prime condition with the correct level of humidity. It's important to keep the relative humidity above 40% to prevent the instrument from cracking. With this co ... more info

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