Top 20 Best Selling Underwater Lighting (2021)

Replacement O-ring for the PT-EP01 Underwater Housing. Creates watertight seal. Olympus recommends the O-ring is replaced by a new one at least once a year. See your PT-EP01 instruction manual for more information. Olympus recommends the O-ring is replace ... more info

Scuba divers know that a strobe is the most important accessory for sharp, colorful pictures. Water absorbs the red and yellow light spectrum resulting in blue photos. The powerful SeaLife SL961 Digital Pro Flash causes the intense colors of coral and fis ... more info

Bigblue is supplying high quality accessories to accompany the R-Innovations camera tray made specifically for the GoPro® HD Video Camera. The accessories and tray are made from high grade TS6061 aluminum with stainless steel connects. The arms are integr ... more info

The submersible underwater spot Light is built in 36 LEDs, adds a dazzle of color to your pond or fountain, can be widely applied to lighting of aquarium, gardens and fountains, features with amphibious used and eye-catching light colors. The body is fil ... more info

Having the use of your hands when diving makes diving easier and safer, Big Blues Neoprene Goodman-Style Glove with two adjustable Velcro Hand Straps can help make your dive easier and safer. The included Velcro Hand Straps are designed to fit many sized ... more info

Light and Motion GoBe 700 Spot 856-0510 Underwater Dive Light featuring 700 Lumens with Bar Mount and 20 Deg Beam. The GoBe light is a combination of L&M's outdoor and sport experience with their diving experience to produce a light that is designed to go ... more info

The only strobe in its class. The quality of light is exceptional due to a round flash tube and custom powder coated reflector designed specifically to deliver the softest, most even beam possible. The DS161 remains the favorite of pros worldwide for deli ... more info

Kit includes:♦ 1) Intova ISS 2000 Underwater Slave Flash♦ 2) Intova StaySlim Bracket with Flex Arm♦ 3) Intova Fiber Optic Cable for Pixtreme PX-21/ISS 2000 Waterproof Flash♦ 4) Precision Design (4) 2900mAh AA NiMH Batteries & 110/220V Multi-Voltage Rapid ... more info

The SA-100 Dual Strobe Kit for Ikelite DS Substrobes from Ikelite consists of two #4086.61 SA-100 Arms and a #4103.52 Ikelite ICS-5 Digital TTL Dual Sync Cord. It is compatible with Ikelite DS Substrobes for underwater photography (strobes not included). ... more info

Power The camera's built-in flash is only about one-third the power of the AF35; its effective range is about 18 inches (0.5m). The Ikelite AF35 can illuminate subjects up to 4-5 feet (1.2-1.5m) away. The Underwater Photographers Most Important Accessory ... more info

The M700i is the latest underwater video light from Nocturnal lights using the KIS (Keep it Simple) design philosophy. The M700i video light is ultra-compact, measuring at 5 and 1/4 long, 1 in diameter at the body, and 1 1/2 at the widest point of the lig ... more info

Amphibian A12 ClassicThe Amphibian Series is the world's first lighting collection designed to be used both in and out of the water. Extremely powerful but with ultra low power draw and no start-up current required. Exceptionally easy to install and versa ... more info

Light and Motion GoBe 500 Spot (W/G) 856-0513 Underwater Dive Light featuring 500 Lumens with Bar Mount and 20 Deg Beam. The GoBe light is a combination of L&M's outdoor and sport experience with their diving experience to produce a light that is designed ... more info

With 450 Lumens high output and 53° wide even beam, this compact diving light is powerful enough to be your primary diving light. It comes with an ergonomic aluminum lantern grip and ball joint for easy setup. Uses only 4 x AA alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeab ... more info

Light and Motion SOLA Dive 500 850-0122 Underwater Dive Light featuring 500 Lumens with Hand Glove and 12 deg Beam. Uses Internal Lithium / 3 Levels battries Main Specs: M ... more info

The SeaLife SL9813 Adapter for GoPro Cameras features quickly and easily mount GoPro cameras to the SeaLife Photo/Video Light using this small adapter. The camera tray and easy to grip handle of the Photo/Video Light give the camera stability and the 500- ... more info

The Sea Dragon Duo 2000 underwater lighting set packs 4000 lumens of brightness using the latest in LED technology. With the included Flex-Connect Dual Tray, Grips and dual Sea Dragon 2000 light heads, you'll increase camera stability and add serious brig ... more info

Light and Motion Gobe 700 Wide 856-0509 Underwater Video Light featuring 700 Lumens with Bar, Ball and Locline Mounts and 60 Deg Beam. Uses Internal Lithium Ion battries ... more info

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