Top 20 Best Selling Underground Sprinkler Systems Automatic Irrigation Equipment (2020)

T22-100 Size: 1200 Features: -Tubing. -Use with spot watering emitters. -Use to run water to emitter tubing. -Available in 600'' and 1200'' sizes. Specifications: -600'' dimensions: 600'' H x 0.25'' W. -1200'' dimensions: 1200'' H x 0.25'' W. ... more info

Hunter adjusting tool for PGM,PGP,I-20, I-25. ... more info

The new PGP Ultra is a blockbuster of epic proportions. Ready to thrill you, this action packed feature from the award-winning Hunter Industries stars the same great lineup of the original PGP: Through-the-top adjustment, large nozzle selection, and the i ... more info

Portable Outdoor Mist Cooling System, Provides Relief From The Heat, 10' Coverage Of Mist Cooling, Cools The Surrounding Air Temperatures By Up To 20 Degrees Fahrenheit, Alligator Clips To An Umbrella, Awning, Fence Or Other Structure & Then Connect To A ... more info

RAIN BIRD MICRO BUBBLER Full circle Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers and flower beds. ... more info

10 pack 1 4 closure plugs can be used as an end closure for 1 4 tubing or as a side plug for 1 2 tubing. ... more info

TS25-10PK Features: -Tubing stakes with bug guard.-Stake 0.25'' tubing at desired locations or secure spot watering emitters. Dimensions: -Width: 0.25''. ... more info

Professional Series, 4, Adjustable Pattern, Pop Up Spray Head, 0 To 360°ree., Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzle, Patented Pressure Activated Co-Molded Wiper Seal, Stainless Steel Reduction Screw, Removable Grit Filter, Stainless Steel Retractable Sprin ... more info

FC-KIT Features: -Faucet connection kit.-Connect 0.5'' tubing or 0.5'' emitter tubing to any outdoor faucet.-Carded. ... more info

MBH-4PK Features: -Micro bubbler.-Half circle.-Connect to 0.5'' tubing with barbed coupling and 0.25'' tubing. ... more info

Half Circle, 4 Pop Up Spray Head, Full 4 Pop Up Clearance, Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzle, Steel Reduction Screw, Removable Grit Filter, Stainless Steel Retractable Spring, Patented Pressure Activated Wiper Seal, Easy Nozzle Alignment. ... more info

1 Electric Automatic In-Line Valve, Flow Control Adjustment & Manual On/Off, Most Commonly Used On Systems Utilizing Un-Metered Water Sources. ... more info

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline System RISER-1PK 1/4 Polyflex Riser Stake. Thick-walled, high density polyethylene riser accepts all 10-32 thread sprays, bubblers, misters such as: MBUBH, MBUBF, MUMBF, MSF, MSH, MISTF, Xeri-Bubbler™, Xeri-Spray™. 12 riser ma ... more info

1812AP Size: 12 Features: -Professional pop up sprinkler. -With adjustable pattern. -Patented co-molded wiper seal. -Seal prevents leaks and keeps debris out. -Reliable pop up retraction even with low pressure conditions. -Adjustable pattern. -Available ... more info

4'' 100 series with plastic nozzle. Durable, noncorrosive plastic construction. 1/2'' FNPT connection. Brass flow adjustment screw. Stainless steel retraction spring. 4 1/16'' pop up clearance. Inlet filter basket prevents debris from clogging nozzle. Wip ... more info

Designed for installation on potable water lines to protect against backsiphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply. Assembly shall provide protection where a potential health hazard exists. ... more info

The mist auto drain valve is an essential component for any outdoor mist cooling system. It is designed for installation in one of two ways: either thread it into a 10/24 female-threaded nozzle opening or insert it into any professional slip-lock fitting. ... more info

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline System MSF-2PK 360 deg Full-Circle Threaded Microspray - 2 Pack. True micro-spray with full-circle fan spray pattern, ideal for mass plantings, ground cover, annual flower beds and containers. Adjust flow/radius by turning out ... more info

GroundTopper is the lid that started the ONE SIZE FITS ALL revolution! No more wasted money to that hardware store on lids that don't work or fit. Designed and manufactured by a 15 plus year contracting veteran. Used by industry professionals in 26+ stat ... more info

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