Top 20 Best Selling Turbidity Meters (2021)

Are matched pair ultrasonic transmitter and receiver respectively operated at 40KHz center frequency with 16mm diameter. This transducer utilizes the piezoelectric properties of engineering ceramic that provides high sound pressure and high sensitivity. ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 93703-0 turbidity calibration standard solution meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved AMCO AEPA-1 standards, and is used for calibrating a turbidity meter at one point. It is a stable and non-toxic alternative to Fo ... more info

Industry-leading precision, sensitivity, and dependability in one of the most innovative handheld meters available on the market! ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 98703 is a portable turbidity meter designed to meet EPA reporting requirements. The meter has two, three, or four point calibration, can log up to 200 samples, and has automatic range selection. It operates on four 1.5V AA batte ... more info

Measure turbidity in streams where a Secchi Dish can't be used. The clear polycarbonate tube is 60 or 120cm in lenght with a cm scale on one side and 4.5 cm diameter Secchi on the bottom. The Secchi design is attached to a rubber stopper that removes for ... more info

Milwaukee Mi415 Turbidity Meter, 0.00 - 50.00 FNU/50 - 1000 FNU, 0.01/1 FNU Resolution offers accurate and reliable readings. ... more info

Portable turbidity meter (115V) is supplied with sample cuvettes and caps (5), calibration cuvettes, silicone oil, cuvette cleaning cloth, batteries, AC adapter, instructions and rugged carrying case The turbidity meter meets and exceeds the requirements ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 731331N spare cuvette is made of glass. It is an accessory for use with the Hanna Instruments HI 98703 portable turbidity meter, which is used to test drinking water and ambient water to meet government standards, and to monitor w ... more info

Determine the degree of visibility when a Secchi disc can't be used. ... more info

The Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit includes: Kits for 7 critical water quality test factors exceptional support material Water Quality Educator CD ROM and The Monitor's Handbook Lesson Plans Grades 5-12 ... more info

The Oakton 35635-00 turbidity meter T-100 kit has a waterproof and dustproof, handheld meter that floats, if dropped in liquids, and comes with calibration vials, cuvettes with light shield caps, silicone oil, lint-free cloth, and hard carrying case. It m ... more info

The Hanna Instruments HI 88713-11 turbidity calibration standards kit is used for calibrating a turbidity meter at five points. The kit consists of ... more info

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