Top 20 Best Selling Tuning Pegs Electric Guitar Parts (2021)

Fully enclosed generic chrome guitar string tuning pegs. Package Included: 3 R Tuning Pegs 3 L Tuning Pegs 6 washers 6 screws ... more info

Many of Fenders Pure Vintage hardware and bridges are crafted where possible on the same tooling and machinery as our original-era Fender parts. Some of this original tooling has been diligently rebuilt to achieve the crisp clean construction of original ... more info

Features:- Patented Ned Steinberger design cuts excess string while guitar is tuned, eliminating need for extra string-cutting tools. - Individual string clamps securely hold string in tuner - no need for multiple wraps around the tuning post. - Excellen ... more info

These Gotoh庐 Vintage Style locking tuners are a retrofit design to a vintage-sized peghole that maintains that classic look with no drilling or modification to your headstockThese are 3 per side individual tuners (not on a plate) just like the originals b ... more info

This set of six sealed-gear black tuners is the perfect accent for your new instrument build, or as a replacement for an existing guitar repair job. They are set up for use on a 6-in-a-Line headstock (such as a Fender(tm) Strat(R) or Telecaster(R)-style e ... more info

These parts are born from GOTOH's latest, state of the art manufacturing processesIn order to breathe life into these parts and build the finest machine heads in the world, they are exquisitely finished by skilled artisians, with absolutely no compromiseT ... more info

This In Line set of six Kluson tuning machines was formerly used on all vintage 6 in line Fender Strat, Fender Tele, and many other models of Fender instruments. This Kluson tuning machine is also a direct replacement for all current reissue '50s and '60s ... more info

Use the Hipshot GB7 Bass Xtender with a flick of its lever to drop-tune your Gotoh tuner-equipped bass. It makes your bass tunable from E to Low C. Installation instructions and mounting hardware included. ... more info

Drop tune your Music Man or G&L bass with the BT1. The Hipshot BT1 Bass Xtender drops your bass E string to D on the fly! Fits 11/16 headstock holes. Hipshot includes installation instructions and mounting hardware with the BT1 Bass Extender. ... more info

100% high quality and like the picture shown color:black Well-designed for world famous Gibson guitar material:Zinc alloy material with Plated carbon fiber FOR Gibson LP Stye LP Package Includes: 6 x Guitar machine head 6 x Ferrule 6 x Threaded ... more info

Gibson Vintage Nickel Machine Heads with Pearloid Buttons ... more info

No need to shop for guitar accessories as they're all included in this exceptional value added package. This essential acoustic guitar accessory pack includes: ChromaCast Acoustic Hard Case, Chromacast Guitar Stand, Chromacast Guitar Strap, D'Addario/GoDp ... more info

Why choose Grover Rotomatic 305C6 tuning machines for your guitar? Grover Rotomatics sport some impressive engineering under the hood. These mid-size tuners have a gear ratio of 18:1 and a housing that provides maximum bearing for worm, gear and string po ... more info

100% Brand new, never used Item 100% like the picture shown Set of 6 quality chrome machine heads for steel string electric guitars (6R) Quality Semiclosed machine heads Heavy duty internal gear Material:zinc alloy and plated chrome Colour:chrome Pa ... more info

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