Top 20 Best Selling Trumpet Mouthpieces (2021)

Mouthpiece, Trumpet, Bach Silver Plate, 3C Cup: Medium; Cup Diameter: 16.30mm ... more info

Mouthpiece, Trumpet, Bach Silver Plate, 5C Cup: Medium; Cup Diameter: 16.25mm ... more info

Mouthpiece, Trumpet, Bach Silver Plate, 7C Cup: Medium; Cup Diameter: 16.20mm ... more info

Designed for quality and affordability, Blessing mouthpieces offer easy blowing, true timbre and tone color. ... more info

Blessing brasswind mouthpiece line is manufactured according to the strictest quality guidelines. They offer players a great selection of cup sizes, in what has now become a popular accessory item. They recognize that consistency is key when producing mou ... more info

Mouthpiece, Trumpet, Bach Silver Plate, 1-1/2 C Cup: Medium; Cup Diameter: 17.00mm ... more info

Perfect for the beginner & professional alike!聽 The Mutec Plastic Mouthpieces for trumpet are designed as an ideal starting point for any beginning player or a pro looking for a new mouthpiece.聽 These mouthpieces are engineered and carefully manufactured ... more info

Brass players will appreciate the quality, design and protection each Protec pouch has to offer. From our beautiful full-grain leather pouches to our durable nylon pouches, each features a non abrasive padded lining. Two and four piece mouthpiece pouches ... more info

Legacy Sterling Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C ... more info

Silver - For silver models Nickel - For lacquer models ... more info

Features: 1. Material: Metal 2. Length: 8.5cm 3. Connector outer diameter: 1cm 4. Color: Golden 5. Mouthpiece size good for high register and also C trumpet 6. For Yamaha or Bach, Conn and King Trumpet 7. It is computer-aided design system and computer co ... more info

Protect your valves and finishes while providing superior comfort and grip with this well-designed leather trumpet valve guard. ... more info

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