Top 20 Best Selling Trim Dye Paints & Primers (2022)

Tracer Products UV fluorescent leak detection dye works with gasoline engine oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, diesel engine oil and automatic transmission fluid. ... more info

MEDS ReNu Pro 4 oz. is our new economy size. It has over twice the volume of our 1.75 oz. bottle - ideal for larger trucks, SUV's, or just more cars. Simply wipe on to treat and restore faded plastic. Curing is almost instantaneous with a quick swipe of a ... more info

FJC R12/R134A Dye Injector - Hand turn Design. Refillable. Inject 1/4 To 1/2 ounce Fluorescent Dye in to R12 Or R134A A/C System Under Pressure. ... more info

FB-SDYE56P004ZLiquid dressing that recolors brightens and restores suede & roughout shoes.Manufactured in BlackTanRustLight BrownMedium BrownPurpleBlue & Beige. This Listing Especially For LILAC Color ... more info

TRATD46PQ Features: -Super-bright, OEM approved dye.-Enhanced lubricity and stability with proprietary additive package.-Co-solvent free.-Strong anti-wear properties.-32 oz. Bottle PAG 46 A/C Oil with Dye. Specifications: -Hassle free and labor savingSupe ... more info

UView Universal A/C System Dye is designed to detect UV leaks and works well on all A/C systems. It is SAE certified and OEM approved. This is convenient single application and is the leader in diagnosing leaks in A/C. ... more info

UVUB483206 Features: -Multi - purpose dye - 6 bottles.-Only dye needed for engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, hydraulic oil, gasoline and diesel fuel.-Works with most UV lights.-One bottle per application, 6 bottles (1 oz./30 ml), 6 app ... more info

FB-LDPR01P004ZAn improved version of our traditional leather dye. Professional Oil Dye is also an alcohol based dye created specifically for natural strap leather vegetable tanned leather and bag & case leather. Excellent coverage and superior. ... more info

UView Multi-Purpose Dye is designed to work with engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, hydraulic oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. It comes with precise measuring device built in and suits with precise measuring device built in. This dye play ... more info

FJC R134A Dye Injector - Flow Through. Refillable. Inject 1/4 ounce Fluorescent Dye Into A/C System Under Pressure Or During Service. ... more info

Easy 3 step paint process can be used on virtually any metal part while also providing long-lasting rust protection. This 3-Step system includes 12oz net wt. aerosol cans of Gold Base Coat, Red Zinc, and Green Zinc - enough to cover 6 sq. ft. Components a ... more info

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