Top 20 Best Selling Trees Plants, Seeds & Bulbs (2022)

Easy to grow from seed. Root system grows quickly so it is not recommended that these be started indoors in winter.Tthey need to be sown directly into the ground in spring or summer. Instructions included. ... more info

* DWARF PAPAYA*5 SEEDS* Dwarf Papaya (Carica papaya ) - to 5 feet, This papaya is a dwarf variety that bears large fruits at a young age. The fruits develop low on the trunk and ripen in less than a year. The large fruit turns bright yellow when ripe and ... more info

Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa basjoo. Amazing hardy tropical banana for the north or south, though native to the Ryukyu Archipelago which lies between Japan and Taiwan, Musa basjoo is also very common in parts of China. This specimen will survive tempe ... more info

~ ~ ~ WE OFFER BOTH PKT. & BULK SIZES ~ ~ ~ Red Maple, Acer rubrum, Tree Seeds - Japanese Bonsai ZONES 5-9 HEIGHT 15-25FT WIDTH 10-15FT SLOW TO MEDIUM GROWTH RATE FULL SUN TO PART SHADE WELL DRAINED SOIL A. rubrum is usually easy to identify, it is highly ... more info

Easy-to-grow, this abundant producer of sweet medium-sized fruit has performed exceptionally well in pots yielding several crops per year even during the first season. If grown in pots, they are continuous producers cycling in and out of flower and fruit ... more info

Dwarf flowering pomegranate is a showy, dense dwarf shrub that displays attractive orange-red single flowers at an early age, followed by colorful fruit. Excellent for containers or for use in the garden. Effective bonsai. Deciduous. Moderate grower to 3 ... more info

Contech 300000529 1 pint tree wound pruning sealer and grafting compound ... more info

Meyer Lemons are the Best Selling Patio Citrus Trees: Meyer Lemon Trees are so hardy they can grow indoors or out. If you live in a colder climate no problem! Your can easily move your Meyer Lemon Tree inside for the winter. They will still produce fruit ... more info

Exotic and deliciously edible, 'TR Hovey' is a dwarf papaya that is perfect for growing in pots. Papayas need sunny, warm growing conditions and the soil temperature needs to be 60掳F or higher. With the right cultural conditions 'TR Hovey' will grow quick ... more info

Instruction of how to plant these seeds: First soak your seeds at least a day in warm water. Then soak paper towel and place in bottom of container. Then part wet soaked seeds onto paper towel. Place Saran wrap over entire container. Place in warm spot ( ... more info

Smiley Tree Face The Smiley Tree Face has become quite known in the market. This charming decor piece adds character and personality to your trees. Your trees will now welcome your guests with much zest. All you need to do is hang them with galvanized nai ... more info

Control insects that infest trees and shrubs with Compare-N-Save systemic tree and shrub insect drench with 1.47-percent Imidacloprid. One easy application protects treated plants for 12 months. The insecticide is absorbed through the roots into the plant ... more info

The Persian Lime is a heavy bearer of juicy, lemon sized fruit in winter to early spring. This lime variety needs little heat to ripen, making it an excellent choice for backyard plantings or in containers. The limes turn to a pale yellow at full maturit ... more info

5 trees for only $19.99 scented flowering shade tree great price We are a wholesale nursery with a bumper crop of paulownia tomentosa liners. You will receive FIVE - seed grown plants 4 to 6+ tall (overall height) grown in jiffy peat pellets for e ... more info

Truly Tiny Banana Tree - Musa Truly Tiny A miniature version of the Dwarf Cavendish Banana. Grows only 24 tall. Great tasting bananas. Easy to grow, indoors or out! Zone 8-11. Great house or patio plant. The plant you are purchasing is growing in a 4 p ... more info

Satsuki Azaleas bloom in the late spring and have been grown as bonsai in Japan for centuries. They are easily styled and look great throughout the year. ... more info

Japanese cedar is a tall, cone-shaped evergreen with bluish green foliage and a massive trunk with thick reddish brown bark that shreds and peels in long strips. This is a fast-growing tree that, in its native habitat, can get more than 180' tall with a t ... more info

Hang our tiny Elf Door on a tree to encourage local elves and fairies to come and go through your yard. Beautifully detailed resin accessories are weatherproof. The door with its scrolled hinges, handle and little window, adds a fun, fanciful touch to any ... more info

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