Top 20 Best Selling Transmission Additives (2021)

Prolong transmission treatment is formulated with Prolong's AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology to treat the metal surfaces of both standard (manual) and automatic transmissions. As the transmission fluid or gear oil circulates, Prolo ... more info

Specially Formulated Synthetic to Optimize Transmission Performance While Lowering Operating Temperatures Smart Blend Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is a uniquely blended synthetic product formulated for use in ALL automatic transmiss ... more info

Lucas Transmission Fix stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Its polymetric film renews worn bands to stop slipping. It will extend fluid life up to three times longer. Results are usual ... more info

Recommended for automatic transmissions in automobiles, light trucks, and similar vehicles manufactured after 1970. QMI Automatic Transmission Treatment exceeds manufacturer's warranty requirements. An 8 ounce container will treat most automatic transmi ... more info

Formulated with the finest base oils and special Lucas additive package, Lucas Oil's Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner is designed to prevent slipping, leaks and wear to provide smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to extend the life of ... more info

Revitalizes hardened seals and O-rings to stop leaks in all automatic transmissions and power steering units. Use as a leak preventive and seal conditioner to extend the life of automatic transmissions and improve shifting. Exceptional equipment compatibi ... more info

FriktionTek庐 Ceramic Automatic Transmission Treatment is the best way to eliminate slipping transmission problems, noise and hesitation. PARTS TREATED FriktionTek庐 resurfaces planetary gear set, clutch plates, torque converter, drum walls, oil pumps, va ... more info

Dura Lube Advanced Transmission Treatment is a precisely blended formula, which contains a synthetic seal-conditioning additive to protect against seal shrinkage. Add one 8-ounce bottle to a regular size transmission. For larger units add one ounce of Dur ... more info

Lubeguard 63010 Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF Protectant Additive, 10 Oz ... more info

How does it work? Blue Devil Transmission Sealer is a unique plasticizer for rubber seals. Blue Devil absorbs into the seal to soften, expand & revitalize the size and flexibility to its original condition. 聽 How large of a leak does it repair? Blue D ... more info

SMART BLEND Instant Shudder Eliminator is a highly concentrated synthetic friction modifier specifically designed to stop torque converter shudder instantly. SMART BLEND Instant Shudder Eliminator blends with all conventional & synthetic ATFs ... more info

Cerma with STM-3 Formulated for Automatic Transmissions. FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS! Cerma for Drivetrains utilizes ceramic technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your car or trucks transmission or differential. ... more info

What better way to show your patriotism!! Great for decorating bushes, trees or windowsFeatures:Color: red, blue and frosted white bulbs / white wire Manufacturer calls these white, but they have more of a soft, incandescent clear glowNumber of bulbs: 260 ... more info

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