Top 20 Best Selling Transistors Semiconductor Products (2021)

NPN type Bipolar Transistors with 3 pin for inserting into device. Package: TO-92. For general purpose use, a great choice for your electronic devices. ... more info

Pack of 50 1N4001 general purpose rectifiers.Forward Voltage Drop: 1.1VOperating Temperature: -55C to 175C ... more info

This is a Genuine Replacement Part ,The Model Number and Name for the Following Item: SLT50 Ignition Control Module. ... more info

Pack of 1 ULN2003 High-voltage High-current Darlington Transistor Array ICMax Junction Temperature: 150 CMax Collector-Emitter Voltage: 50VRated Collector Current: 500mA eachAlso known as: ULN2003A ... more info

The 2N2222 transistors are silicone planar epitaxial NPN type transistors. The transistors are specially designed for high-speed switching applications and feature useful current gain over a wide range of collector current, low leakage currents and low sa ... more info

Pack of 10 2N2222 NPN Bipolar Amplifier/Switching TransistorsMax Junction Temperature: 150 CMax Collector-Emitter Voltage: 40VMax Continuous Collector Current: 1AAlso known as: 2N2222A, PN2222A ... more info

20pcs ULN2803APG ULN2803 DIP-18 8CH DARLINGTON ARRAYS TOSHIBA ICDescription:Manufacturer: ToshibaManufacturer Part No: ULN2803AProduct Category: Darlington TransistorsROHS Compliance : YesConfiguration: OctalTransistor Polarity: NPNSpecification:Package / ... more info

DM74LS125AN Maximum Operating Temp (酶C):70Military/High-Rel:[email protected] (A):24mOutput Config:3-StatePackage Style:DIPInputs per Circuit:1VOL Max.:0.5VOL Max.:锚Circuits Per Package:4# Pins:14Mounting Style:Tt(PLH) Maximum (S):22nNom. Supp (V):5.0Tech.:TTL Nota B ... more info

Low drain-source ON resistance, Low leakage current. High forward transfer admittance. Switching Regulator Applications. ... more info

Description: This device is fully isolated package suitable for AC switching application, phase control application such as fan speed and temperature modulation control, lighting control and static switching relay. This device is approved to comply with a ... more info

MPF102 N-Channel FET. This FET is used in many Guitar Audio circuits and in a ton of other places. You will get 6 pieces. ... more info

RioRand 100Pcs NPN Transistor TO-92 2N2222A 2N2222 ... more info

The Triode Transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify and switch electronic signals. It is composed of semiconductor material with 3 pin terminals for connection to an external circuit. This Triode Transistor is widely embedded in integrated ci ... more info

5 Pcs IRF640 18A 200V 0.14" Mounting Hole N-Channel Power MOSFET. ... more info

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