Top 20 Best Selling Transfer Pipettes Pipettes & Pipettors (2022)

(1) 100 transfer pipettes (2) Volume: 3 ml. (3) Graduation: 0.5 ml (4) Bulk packaging, 100 per box (5) Nonsterile ... more info

Polyethylene dropping pipettes are graduated, and can be easily rinsed and re-used. ... more info

(1) 100 transfer pipettes per package (2) Volume: 0.5ml (3) Other volume are available in our shop (4) Non Sterile ... more info

Feature: 100x 1ML Professional Plastic Pipettes Graduated Transfer Eye Dropper Set SEAU 1ml Graduated Transfer Pipettes Made from Low Density Polyetylene, graduated liquid transfer pipets Chemically Inert and non-toxic Can be heat-sealed to transport or ... more info

Transfer Pipette, Cap.7ml, 3ml Graduated, 1/2ml graduation, 155mm length. LDPE material. Bulk pack. ... more info

(1) 100 transfer pipettes per package (2) Volume: 5ml (3) Graduation: 1ml (4) Other volume are available in our shop (5) Non Sterile ... more info

Globe Scientific offers the most extensive line of plastic transfer pipets for liquid handling procedures. Produced from a custom grade of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these unbreakable one-piece pipets are used to draw and dispense liquids in control ... more info

Plastic Droppers (pipettes)- These mini pipettes are not graduated and the bulb draws up approximately 1ml. Can easily dispense 1 drop at a time. These plastic pipettes measure 2.5 in length. ... more info

These graduated pediatric type Samco Scientific disposable transfer pipets are made of shatterproof, nontoxic polyethylene. Non-sterile and bulk packed, the single-unit design features a stem which narrows down to a fine tip and a built-in pipet bulb elim ... more info

The Heathrow Scientific HD20623 safety bulb pipette filler draws liquid from any standard-size pipette. The conical silicone adapter seals pipettes without twisting or contacting hard plastic, reducing the risk of cracking and chipping. It is autoclavable ... more info

Plastic Transfer Pipettes 3ml, Gradulated, Pack of 100 ... more info

18 pipettes for artificial insemination, 25 count. Packaging may vary. ... more info

Manufactured from non-toxic, low density polyethylene, LDPE. Ideal for transferring dispensing liquids safely in all types of laboratories eliminating the risk of gross contamination. Offer excellent transparency with uniform wall thickness and precise gr ... more info

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