Top 20 Best Selling Training Equipment Training Fins (2022)

FINIS Floating Fin The FINIS Floating Fins increase leg strenght and help athletes swim at faster speeds. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Floating Fins add propulsion to flutter and butterfly kick. Buoyancy from the fins lifts th ... more info

FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin The FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin is a fun monofin pool toy that is perfect for young swimmers. This product teaches a balanced dolphin kick while also allowing children to increase their confidence in the water. It comes with a comfort ... more info

Founded in 1993, by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medalist, Pablo Morales, FINIS develops the most technological and advanced training equipment for the swimming industry. From competitive swim wear and technical training equipment to high-end competitive swi ... more info

Speedo water accessories are unmatched in performance, fit, and feel. The Short Blade Fin is the perfect training aid to throw in your swim workout bag. Whether increasing your endurance or improving your storke and kick techniques, this is an ideal train ... more info

New Cressi fins designed specifically for the pool and for training.The short blade is made from highly reactive and light materials to guarantee agile and not very tiring, but still effective kicking.The length of the blade and the materials used have be ... more info

Fin offers a perfect blend of hard and soft silicone to enhance performance and provide unparalleled comfort - Stiff blade for maximum power and strength building - 100% silicone and latex free Note: Fin sizes are in men's sizes and they tend to run small ... more info

Aqua Sphere AlphaFins isolates the legs to give you a great core, legs and lower body swim fitness workout while improving your stroke form. EVA foam design not only maximizes comfort but also makes the fins float - no more diving down to retrieve lost fi ... more info

The Head Design Team has created an exclusive training fin design that assists in the development of a powerful kick and enhanced propulsion. ... more info

Nylon/Lycra foot cover ... more info

- Designed to teach correct body position and technique- Made of a soft polyvinyl material for comfort and flexibility - Equipped with a heavy duty adjustable heel strap Toddler's: Adjustable to fit size 6-10Children's: Adjustable to fit size 11-2 ... more info

Finis Positive Drive Fins (PDF鈥檚) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allows the swimmer to safely build ... more info

From our three level Begin to Swim series for kids, Speedo offers bright, colorful fun product developed for safe water experiences. The Kid's Swim Fins are a level three developing technique style that helps a child develop independent swimming skills wi ... more info

Aqua Sphere Microfin HP offers increased performance possibilities for active and performance swimmers. ... more info

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