Top 20 Best Selling Training Equipment Hand Targets & Focus Mitts (2019)

Just slide together and start breaking. Features High impact molded plastic allows boards to be broken over and over again. Rubber pad covers both sides and provides a sure grip for the holder. Measures 9 x 12. Each sold separately. Available in Yello ... more info

Muay Thai shield is perfect for practicing kicks, knees, punches and elbow strikes. The 3 padding provides superior shock absorption and is constructed with a polyurethane shell and multi-layered closed cell foam for maximum comfort. Cushioned top hand gr ... more info

This vinyl target is great for speed and focus drills. Versatile, maneuverable and easy to hold. Great for kids! Features: ... more info

Meister's 100% premium cowhide leather focus mitts are the real thing. Contoured to keep strikes centered and built with extra thick padding, these mitts are designed to take a beating. But Meister's Curved Focus Mitts are light enough to not wear your ar ... more info

Two great technologies come together in this one impact-reducing punch mitt. The mitt's curved striking surface and internal palm ball better aligns the wrist, elbows and shoulders. Secondly, the mitts incorporate Gel Shock Technology in the hand compartm ... more info

Improve speed and accuracy through MMA partner training with this punch mitt. The new angled wrist strike support features multi-layered foam for wrist impact dispersion. Designed with finger slots, a curved palm for catching punches and a center target t ... more info

The premier ultra lightweight focus mitts for a unique striking experience. These focus mitts make it possible to train with precision and speed. Cellular Tech patented system to improve shock absorbsion and hand grip. Venum is a Mixed Martial Arts & rela ... more info

The Century Drive Double Target lets you experiment during your boxing, kickboxing, or MMA training and sparring sessions without injuring your partner. This target is made from durable black/red polyurethane and features a double-pad design that makes a ... more info

Once you experience Hayabusa's Pro Training Micro Mitts, you will understand how focus pads should truly feel. Too many cheaply constructed pads on the market do an extremely poor job, when it comes to performance and protection for the holder and are sim ... more info

Martial Arts Kick and Punch blocker ... more info

Compact design ideal for coaches and personal trainers. Small size greatly increases speed and accuracy. Lightweight to reduce trainer fatigue. Curved design developed to mold perfectly to your hand and relieve pressure from the shoulder and elbow. Super ... more info

Features: 1. These hand target are optimal for grappling and striking in both training and competition 2. Dense foam padding for protection & shock absorption 3. Material: Faux Leather 4. Dimensions: (24 x 18 x 7)cm (L x W x H) 5. Model: W8651 Package In ... more info

Ideal for MMA speed and focus training, the hand target features reinforced vinyl filled with foam to absorb impact. Finger slots provide a secure grip and prevent slippage. It is versatile and light weight for any level of training. ... more info

Train with a partner using this forearm shield with a long design ideal for strikes and kicks. The reinforced vinyl filled with foam helps to absorb the impact. Web straps and a PVC handle provide support. ... more info

Develop your open hand techniques by strengthening and toughening your fingers, palm and back of hand.Features Made of extra heavy canvas The shell of this conditioning bag measures 10 across, big enough to fit most people's hands. When filled with steel ... more info

Karate Board: Breaking Boards Single ... more info

This mitt is ideal for catching punches and to improve hand and foot speed and accuracy during MMA training. Mitt features finger slots that prevent slipping and are lightweight and compact with durable polyurethane construction. Can be worn on either ha ... more info

Full hand pocket. Shock absorbing foam. Wrist wrap and adjustable buckle. Great for boxing, kickboxing, boxing aerobics or MMA needs. ... more info

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