Top 20 Best Selling Training Equipment Hand Paddles (2022)

Contoured swim paddles help to develop proper stroke mechanics. These are contoured to fit any hand and reduce fatigue. Great training aid to improve freestyle stroke and gain muscle endurance. ... more info

Tired of swimming with multiple paddle sizes for specific stroke techniques and benefits? Now you can maximize all your training needs with swimming's first multi stroke paddle. The I.M. Tech Paddle is specifically designed to improve your technique for b ... more info

A broad blade swim paddle for optimal water contact to help develop proper stroke mechanics. Holes allow water to channel through the paddle so not to disrupt the fluidity of each stroke. Comes with an adjustable wide area wrist and finger strap for a com ... more info

- Biofuse technology provides softer edges to help paddle flex naturally and increase feel for the water- Great for sculling and breaststroke- Easy adjustable silicone straps- Perfect for all swimming levels ... more info

FEATURES:• New improved design offers increased strap configurations • Helps improve stroke technique while building arm strength • Unique shape distributes pressure evenly while improving water feel and reducing shoulder stress ... more info

Water Gear's Strokemaster Hand Paddles are hydrodynamic with strain reducing flow holes. Include multi-position, easy-adjust silicone straps. ... more info

Latex surgical tubing for hand paddle strap replacement. ... more info

Take your strength and technique up to a higher level in the water with this superbly engineered training aid.The Adult Biofuse hand power paddle is a technically advanced Speedo Biofuse Training Aid to assist in swimmer development. Benefits include a du ... more info

Adjustable silicone hand straps support specific muscle development and stroke technique. Contoured paddle provides greater feel of the water. ... more info

Replacement tubing for the Freestyle Hand Paddles ... more info

Everyone has a weak a leg over the course of a triathlon. However, regardless of whether the swim is your Achilles' heel or not, you'll still benefit from training with the TYR Catalyst Contour Training Paddles. Its polypropylene composition, combined wit ... more info

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