Top 20 Best Selling Tools Gardening (2022)

027-1554300 Features: -Steel collar for added strength at the handle/socket connection.- wood handle. Blade No.: #2.-Blade Material: Steel.-Price is for 1 Each. ... more info

This reliable pruner from Fiskars is ideal for a variety of general pruning tasks. A fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp longer, and a rust-resistant, low-friction coating makes cutting easier. A self-cleaning sap groove keeps the bla ... more info

Makes quick, precise cuts effortlessly View larger. Fiskars' Softouch micro-tip pruning snip makes deadheading, trimming and shaping plants easy — so easy, it's earned the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. An easy-action design opens the ... more info

Our Garden Bucket Caddy makes it easy to carry all of your essentials when you’re out in the garden. It fits snugly on a five-gallon bucket, freeing up the internal space for dirt, yard waste or supplies. Deep, large pockets provide ample space for tools, ... more info

Miracle-Gro Plant Food Will Give You Bigger, More Beautiful Plants. Guaranteed! You don’t have to be a great gardener to love the beauty of a lush, colorful gardenscape. You just need to make sure plants have the essentials: soil, water, sun and foo ... more info

Soon to be known as the World's Greatest Organic Fertilizer! Wiggle Worm Soil Builder PURE earthworm castings are surely Mother Nature's best kept growing secret. You need only use a small amount in or around your houseplants, vegetables and flowers. The ... more info

Our UpRoot Weed and Root Remover makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over or using harsh, costly herbicide. It features four serrated, stainless-steel claws that grab weeds by the root for clean removal, plus a ... more info

Master gardeners, arborists and avid gardeners alike put pruners to the test and demand features that allow fine tuning after extended use. These cutters deliver, with a replaceable blade, tension control for precise cuts, a sap grove to prevent the blade ... more info

IM4000 Features: -Easy turn barrel with convenient built- in hand holds.-Adjustable air vents.-Rodent resistant.-Two chambers for efficient batch composting.-Space efficient size with 5 cubic ft capacity.-Made in Canada. Includes: -Made from durable, UV. ... more info

The Safer Brand insect killing soap utilizes the power of potassium salts of fatty acids to weaken the insects waxy protective outer shell. Targets and kills aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, harlequin bugs, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, mites, plant bugs, psylli ... more info

Ideal for taller users or anyone who prefers a longer axe, our much-requested X27 Splitting Axe provides power that makes splitting medium-sized to extra-large logs easier than ever. Like every X-Series™ Hatchet or Axe, the X27 combines perfected weight d ... more info

Test soil pH with Rapitest. Includes 10 tests using our patented comparator test system. Color coded results are easy to read. Fill soil to line, top of with water, and get a quick reading on your soil's pH. ... more info

Easy-Pour Watering holds 2.6-Gallon. Easy to carry and pour because of unique handle design. Dual handles accomodate multiple hand postions. Spout rotates for adjustable flow control, from a gentle shower to a steady stream. Filling hole is located on the ... more info

The Safer Brand caterpillar killer with B.t. utilizes Dipel (bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki) which, once ingested by the wayward caterpillar or worm, kills them within a few days. ... more info

Ph control kit contains ph up which add a little at a time when your nutrient pH is too low in order to raise the pH to the proper level, Contains pH down which uses food grade phosphoric acid to lower the pH to the proper level and also contains pH test ... more info

Jarden Home Brands 1440080400 Ball Quilted Crystal Glass Jelly Jar 12 Pack 4 Ounce are made of decorative, quilted glass. Jars have two piece closures. Great for homemade jellies and jams. ... more info

Includes 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set - 70676935J, Softouch Transplanter, Softouch Cultivator ... more info

Clonex Rooting Compound Gel is a high performance water based rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel that will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to p ... more info

Another easy-to-carry choice perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the X7 Hatchet is ideal for chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized logs. Like every X-Series Hatchet or Axe, the X7 combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geome ... more info

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