Top 20 Best Selling Toilet Plungers & Holders Cleaning Tools (2022)

The Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger is the most effective toilet plunger available today at any price. Used by Professional Maintenance companies, this hi-quality, made-in-USA product is now available to the homeowner. The Johnny Jolter works by ... more info

Industrial Plunger - Clears stubborn clogs. Cup unfolds to fit most drains. Uline stocks a huge selection of Industrial Plunger. ... more info

OXO36281 Good Grips Toilet Plunger & Canister, White, 6/Pack Features an elegant canister for storage within easy reach. Simply lift the plunger and the canister automatically springs open. The plunger head is designed to work on all toilets, including lo ... more info

Most people have had a clogged toilet at one time or another, but very few like to remember the splashy mess, the cleaning, the germy storage issues and the other perils of this often unsanitary undertaking. The typical solution for homeowners has thus fa ... more info

Frieling 9104-PLUNGER Plunger Assembly for 36 Oz. French PressThis Frieling Plunger Assembly is a replacement part for their 36 Oz. French Press. It is made from stainless steel and has a mirror finish. For Frieling model 0104 French Press Mirror finish s ... more info

Mini plunger small for easy storage - Under sink or bath vanity ~~ Large base to fit over drain holes ~~ New design, more maximum plunging power for sink, tub and shower ~~ One hand plunger - Ergonomic shape Handle to fit in the palm of your hand for easy ... more info

Wm Harvey 090300 Power Plunger (6 Pack)Wm Harvey 090300 Power Plunger (6 Pack) Features:Flexible black rubber cup21 yellow wood handleComes fully assembledCarded ... more info

The Impact 9205 deluxe professional plunger is dark blue in color, has a plastic handle and a rubber bellows, and can be used to unclog a toilet trap. Toilet plungers with a bellows typically deliver more plunging power to unclog toilets than those with a ... more info

The essential plunger made better, more powerful, more versatile and more effective. ... more info

Industrial strength plunger with wooden handle for use in drains or toilets. Creates full pressure to break through clogs. Cup compresses at any angle. ... more info

Carlisle ergonomic power plunger design maximizes applied force while maintaining ease and longevity of use. Overmolded rubber handle for easy grip, 21-inches plastic handle is non-absorbent and more sanitary than wood handles. 22-inches length. Black col ... more info

Magnolia Brush heavy-duty black plunger with handle. Bell shape - designed for tough jobs. Handle included. 5-5/8-inches diameter bell shaped. 21-inches overall length. Case includes 12 plungers. ... more info

The Maxi Rough Industrial Plunger includes an extended cup and a 19 metal handle. It maximizes applied force and unclogs the most stubborn drains and toilets. It is 4 high x 6 diameter. ... more info

Deluxe professional plunger offers an innovative bellow design that provides more plunge per push with less effort. Ideal for removing water from trap. Splash-proof plunger also features a 2-3/4 diameter bellow opening. Plunger is made of polyethylene. ... more info

This super toilet plunger provides plenty of suction to remove stubborn clogs in drains, sinks and toilets! The toilet plunger features pliable rubber that easily conforms to fit odd-shaped drains and to ensure a tight seal for suction. A threaded wooden ... more info

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