Top 20 Best Selling Tin Metals & Alloys (2022)

AC - Casting Alloy (Pewter) An excellent casting pewter that contains approximately 92% Tin, 7.75% Antimony and .25% Copper. The copper makes the metal more ductile so that it can be formed easier with a hammer if necessary. This is consistent with old fa ... more info

Pure Tin (99.8%+) Flakes (like popcorn). Very easy to weigh out small amounts like ounces and grams without having to cut anything. Sold By the Pound ie. 1 Quantity = 1 Pound Physical Information Atomic Number: 50, Relative Atomic Mass (12C=12.000): 118 ... more info

You can use any solder you chose, but we recommend a lead free solder if the sheets are going to be used as counter tops, around food, or human contact. We offer a lead free solder that will work fine. Remember that the solder color will not be a perfect ... more info

Tin-Base Babbitt-The top choice for high-speed and high-wear applications, this Babbitt outperforms lead-base Babbitt and withstands heavy, sustained loads. RotoNickel Babbitt A durable Babbitt metal consisting of approximately 89% Tin with 3.45%Copper ... more info

Sold By the Pound ie. 1 Quantity = 1 Pound 281-338 Degrees Fusible Alloy Parallels Low Melting Point 281 in its end uses, Electroforming mandrels, lost wax pattern dies due to greater dimensional accuracy, Holding jet turbine engine blades for machining. ... more info

K&S庐 Punch Metal Sheets are just what you need for custom metal punched pictures, inlaying in woodworking, restoring antiques, remodeling d?漏cor, and countless other projects. Create works of art like wall vases, wind chimes and garden ornaments with a fe ... more info

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