Top 20 Best Selling Thread Sealants Industrial Sealants (2022)

This Dixon Valve TTB50 PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sealant tape is 520 long, 1/2 wide, and 3.5 mil thick. The white color tape has an operating temperature range of -212 to +500 degrees F and is suitable for use in wrapping threads to create air and wa ... more info

Packed with PTFE, Slic-tite Tape provides a highly resistant seal on pipe threads for all types of service. This high-density tape works with several types of systems, and it permits easy disassembly, even after many years of service. ... more info

GE Silicone II Kitchen/Bath/Plumbing - THREE-HOUR SHOWER-READY The shower doesn't have to be off-limits for a full day. Caulk the shower or tub with GE Silicone II* Kitchen & Bath and reduce the wait time dramatically. GE Silicone II* adheres to a wide va ... more info

Dap clear silicone sealant. Minimum to maximum operating temperatures are -40 F to +400 F. ... more info

Dap white silicone sealant with a 24 hr cure time. Minimum to maximum operating temperatures are -65 F to +350 F. ... more info

Safe-T-Switch SS1 is an Inline, low voltage condensate overflow shutoff switch. Installs vertically or horizontally in primary drain or can be plugged on auxilliary pans. Pre-wired with 4-foot, 18 AWG wires.(24-Piece). ... more info

Wm Harvey 017065 Gas Line PTFE Thread Seal Tape Wm Harvey 017065 Gas Line PTFE Thread Seal Tape Features:;Yellow gas line thread seal tape with PTFE;Extra heavy, full density PTFE tape especially for gas lines;Recommended leakproof sealant for lines carry ... more info

OATEY GREAT WHITE PIPE JOINT COMPOUND Size : 4 oz. White paste Lubricates and seals all threaded joints Withstands up to 3000 PSI on gases from -50 to 400 degrees F. and 10,000 PSI on liquids from -50 to 500 degrees F. For use with water, steam,caust ... more info

Titebond is known for the best in construction adhesives, flooring adhesives, caulks and sealants, as well as the industry's most renowned line of woodworking glues. Titebond Green Choice 29 oz. Professional Acoustical Sound Sealant. Above 0.1-percent eli ... more info

Dap brown silicone sealant with a 24 hr cure time. Minimum to maximum operating temperatures are -65 F to +350 F. ... more info

622-25631 Features: -Soft-set, slow drying compound which seals, lubricates and protects threaded pipe and fittings.-Ideal for application with a wide variety of fluids and gases, including potable water application.-Use on threaded galvanized steel, iron ... more info

Premium pipe thread sealant with PTFE. Provides a positive seal on pipe thread, joints, fittings, hoses, nozzles, LPG cylinders, pump assemblies, motors, oil burners, hydraulics, compressors, engines, housings, plugs, fuel lines, couplings and more. Excel ... more info

OSI 10 oz. 456 Khaki Brown Sealant. Unique multi polymer formula. Super adhesion-paintable when cured. Stays flexible in hot & cold weather. Easy extrusion in cold weather. For windows-siding-gutter & roof applications. Use on vinyl-wood-steel-aluminum-fi ... more info

Loctite 10 oz. PL S20 Polyurethane Self Leveling Concrete Sealant. It is a one component, polyurethane, self-leveling sealant for contraction/expansion joints and cracks in concrete floors and decks. It cures in place to form a highly resilient and abrasi ... more info

GE庐 1200 is a one-part building and glazing acetic cure silicone sealant that cures to a tough, flexible rubber through the moisture cure process. ... more info

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