Top 20 Best Selling Thermohygrometers Humidity & Moisture (2021)

5 inches diameter stainless steel dial. Synthetic hair hygrometer. Humidity Range: 0 to 100 percent R.H. in 1 percent increments. +/-5 percent accuracy for relative humidity readings. Bi-metallic temperature sensor. Temperature Range: 0 degree to 120 degr ... more info

GE Protimeter single replacement HygroStick humidity and temperature probe for Hygromaster moisture meter. 30 - 100 percent RH range. ... more info

GE Protimeter Psyclone thermo-hygrometer measures relative humidity with psychometric measurements, along with temperature. One button enables start, hold and OFF operation and four arrow keys allow you to set up and change the measurements shown on the L ... more info

Small diameter (0.45) probe for measuring in air ducts. Relative Humidity (RH) accuracy of +/-2 percent provides accurate reliable readings. Measure dew point and wet bulb temperature. Data record function stores minimum and maximum humidity and temperatu ... more info

Testo compact pro thermohygrometer. The versatile instrument for measuring air humidity, material equilibrium moisture and pressure dewpoint in compressed air systems. The humidity sensor, developed by Testo, has proven itself worldwide and has excellent ... more info

Testo hygrometer with process indicator. The new temperature and humidity measuring instrument testo 623 shows current and past temperature and humidity values in a large clear display. This makes an analysis of the current and past ambient conditions pos ... more info

GE Protimeter humidity sleeve for Hygromaster moisture meter. Used when measuring the equilibrium relative humidity of solid walls and floors. Measures 12-millimeters diameter by 75-millimeters length. ... more info

The THI2-10 Digital Remote Sensing Thermo-Hygrometer accurately takes humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperatures inside of ducts and hard to reach areas. English and metric engineering units, as well as the type of measurement displayed, ... more info

Temperature Range: -50?C~70?C(-58?F~158?F) Temperature Accuracy: ?1.0?C(1.8?F) Temperature Resolution: 0.1?C(0.1?F) Humidity Range: 10%RH~99%RH Humidity Accuracy: ?5%(35%~75%),and else ?10% Battery: AAA 1.5V (Battery not included) Package Contents: ... more info

relative humidity and temperature measurement. Full interchangeability in standard environment without correction. Long saturated fast dryin. Automated welding, wave soldering or flooding. High reliability and long term stability. Patented solid polymer s ... more info

The Dwyer® Model TH2-10 Thermo-Hygrometer Pen is a compact handheld device that measures temperature, humidity, dew point, wet bulb, and heat index for heat stroke prevention. The TH2-10 has many applications including HVAC, home inspection for examining ... more info

Testo thermohygrometer with duct holder. Rugged humidity stick providing fast and accurate humidity, temperature wet bulb and dewpoint readings. Dewpoint calculation from -4 to 122 degree F. Testo's exclusive long-term, stable humidity sensor. Ideal for m ... more info

The Model THI-10 Digital Thermohygrometer accurately measures relative humidity and ambient temperature. Up to 99 readings can be stored in non-volatile memory allowing the HVAC technician to record the data after returning to the office. This compact the ... more info

Digital, SCT Tester for Humidity and Ergonomic Head moving design.Temperature measurements. Humidity / Temperature Dual Display. Option to select OF/OC . Memory recalling.133 mm Probe. Good measuring range. Battery operated. 0°C ~ +50°C OR 32°F ~+122°F / ... more info

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