Top 20 Best Selling Teaching Clocks Baby & Toddler Toys Toys (2021)

Learning Resources Big Time 12-Hour Student Clock The 12-Hour Student Learning Clock is a great way to help kids grasp the concepts of time-telling. Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships. Durable plastic student clock is made for ... more info

Carson-Dellosa Judy Clock 0768223199 Kids Games ... more info

Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares ;Beyond versatile! Use the 4 charts alone, connect vertically or horizontally with hook-and-loop fasteners to make a larger chart! Great for small groups, centers, combined whole-group displays and more. Features 5 rows of cl ... more info

Happy Hour Clock by Hape will allow kids to use this multi-tasking clock to learn how to tell time by learning about hours and minutes, as well as numbers and colors. Develops fine motor skills, cognition, and visual senses. Child safe graphics painted ri ... more info

The blue plastic potato (fruit) clock has two compartments designed to hold potatoes or fruit. Two coils, one red and one blue, are inserted into a different potato while the green coiled wire is connected to both potatoes. The clock will demonstrate the ... more info

Learning Resources Learning Clock, 12-Hour Demonstration Clock LER2094 Kids Games ... more info

Let Telly the Teaching Time Clock help your child learn to tell both analog and digital time using two quiz modes. In the learning mode, Telly teaches time in five minute increments by moving the hands and updating the LCD screen. In the quiz mode, Telly a ... more info

Engage small groups or individual students in time-telling activities with these 4 geared clocks. Color-coded hour and minute functions. Set of 6. ... more info

Heavy-duty laminated clocks feature movable plastic hands and a place to write the digital time. Demonstration Clock measures 12 square. Grades 1+. ... more info

Made of cardboard with movable plastic hands, this Small Clock Dial measures 4 x 4. ... more info

Fewer kids are learning analog time, and educators say they're missing out! Reading an analog clock expose kids to math concepts that digital clocks don't, like fractions, 'clockwise,' and counting-by-fives. Besides, this talking, teaching clock is fun! M ... more info

spiderman time teacher desk clock with light up feature battery operated 5 inches by 5 inches diameter ... more info

4 years & up. Use these best-selling clocks to teach time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, and minute. Child friendly and easy to use. Perfect for learning centers or for small group instruction. Each clock features moveable plastic hands mounted on ... more info

Hello Kitty Quartz Analog desk clock with Time Teacher function. Learn to tell the time with the clearly labeled hour and minute hands. Lights turn on and rotate every hour with a on/off switch on the side of the clock. 1 year limited Warranty ... more info

The DGT XL sets a new standard in Digital Excellence. It is manufactured by DGT Projects, one of the world's premier chess clock companies. It is the ultimate clock, one that is user-friendly, attractive and offers all of the features that chess enthusias ... more info

Magnetic Elapsed Time Set Demonstrate one of the toughest math concepts! Segmented timeline even helps students understand that elapsed time can begin in the PM and end in the AM. Removable guide numbers support differentiation. Includes 2 magnetic clocks ... more info

Heavy-duty laminated clocks feature movable plastic hands and a place to write the digital time. Student clocks measure 41⁄2 square. Demonstration clock is 12 square. Classroom Set includes 1 Demonstration Clock and 24 Student Clocks • Grades 1+ ... more info

The Space Invaders Green Alarm Clock! Shaped like the famous alien invader from the Space Invaders arcade game. Features sounds from the game! Shaped like the famous alien invader from the Space Invaders arcade game, it's the Space Invaders Green Alarm Cl ... more info

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