Top 20 Best Selling Tactical & Duty Paracords (2022)

Paracord Planet paracord is authentic commerical paracord made in the USA. With a 550-lb line strength,7 inner nylon cores, and UV, rot, and mildew resistance, this parachute cord is great for camping, hiking, survival, and much more. Choose from our hund ... more info

Rothco's Type III 550 lb. Paracord is 100% nylon, 5/32 in diameter and has a 7 strand core. It made by a certified US Government contractor and has a 550 lb test strength. ... more info

Paracord Planet paracord is your all-around tactical, crafting and utility cord. Paracord Planet Type III commercial grade paracord is dependable, tough and long lasting. The cord is made of 550 pound test nylon and features seven-strand core for maximum ... more info

Looking for a fun paracord project but don't want to spend the money all on just one color? Then the Paracord Planet Combo Sets are the item for you! The Combo Sets consist of anywhere from 30-200 ft of various colors of 550 Type III Commercial Grade para ... more info

Our 7-strand Type III paracord has a 550 pound tensil strength, making it great for survival and outdoor activities. Some uses of paracord include: survival bracelets or paracord bracelets, dog collars and leashes, lanyards, repairing ripped or torn items ... more info

From the official military manufacturer, 550 7 strand paracord made in the U.S.A. These paracords are made by Elite First Aid & not rothco or any other company. ... more info

Description: Made from a Nylon sleeve that will protect the cord and its characteristics which is much better than a polypropylene sleeve which may deteriorate to direct sunlight. History: Originated to provide lightweight suspension for aircraft undercar ... more info

Made From 100% Heavy Duty Nylon Material. 550 Pound Tested - 7 Strand Core. 5/32 Diameter. 7 Removable Nylon Inner Strands by 2 Ply. Quick Drying & Will Not Rot or Mildew. Easy to Clean. 100 Feet Long. Better Than Military Specifications. Made In The USA. ... more info

An ideal all-around utility cord in the field, the type III commercial paracord is tough and long lasting. The cord is made of 550-pound test nylon and features a seven-strand core for maximum strength. Measuring 5/32 inches in diameter, the paracord is m ... more info

Not All Paracord is Created Equal!- Titan™ Paracord has a Minimum Guaranteed Tensile Strength of 550lbs.- 100% Bump-free, Bulge-free, Kink-free- Made to Military Specifications w/Colored Government Contractor Marker InsideTitan™ Paracord is made from 100% ... more info

Paracord Hero 550 Cord Paracord is proudly manufactured and distributed in the USA. We are proud to have you visiting our page on Amazon, allow us to be your last stop on your paracord search, with great prices quality paracord and more. Our 550 Cord Para ... more info

This is a certified 850 pound test Paracord. Made by a Certified Military Contractor for all US Armed forces since 1943. This Contractor also offers MIL-SPECS: MIL-C-5040G, MIL-C-7515F, MIL-C-43256, MIL-C-43307, MIL-R-24677. ... more info

Aluminum Paracord stitching needles are a great tool for your paracord projects. Use them for adding ribbons, and thin lines to your projects. Simply melt the end of your paracord with a lighter and form it into a point before it dries. Then you can screw ... more info

These side release buckles are the perfect accessory for your paracord bracelets. These buckles are contoured to ensure your paracord bracelet is a comfortable fit. Choose your prefered amount and size! ... more info

The product featured here is the 1000 foot spool of black parachute cord, direct from the manufacturer. This is the exact type of cord that is sold to the US Military for non-critical missions, where reliability is a must. The paracord advertised here is ... more info

Manufactured by a Certified US Government Contractor. Made From 100% Heavy Duty POLYESTER Material. 550 LBS Strength Tested. 7 Strand Cord. Removable Inner Strands by 2 ply. 5/32 Diameter. A must have for any survival kit. Better Than Military Specificati ... more info

20 feet of Digital ACU, Woodland Camo (BDU), Olive Drab, Black, and Desert Camo. 10 - 3/8 Black Side Release Buckles & 5 - 32mm Key Rings. ... more info


Earn Bragging Rights because YOU have Genuine 8-Strand, Mil-Spec C-5040H, Type III 550 Paracord.Manufactured in the U.S. by a U.S. Military Veteran-Owned Business.Yes, real MilSpec Paracord is stronger & more reliable than commercialparachute cord. The di ... more info

KM Outfitters Type III Commercial 550 Paracord! ... more info

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