Top 20 Best Selling Table Tennis Rubbers (2022)

Free Chack Glue is completely free from organic solvents and made from 100% Liquidized natural caoutchouc (natural rubber). After a short drying period, it sticks the sponge and the blade surface together perfectly. It is also very easy to remove the rubb ... more info

Yasaka Mark V has won a large number of championships through the years. Its high quality makes it a leader. For the aggressive player, who masters the modern, fast technique. ... more info

STIGA Chop and Drive is a table tennis rubber offering great ball control. Its unique sponge absorbs the ball, thereby increasing the contact time that the ball is on the bat. This creates a can't miss feeling for the player. One table tennis rubber shee ... more info

DHS C8 Pips-Long RubberDefense/Loop/SpinThickness: 1.00/1.20(mm)Hardiness: hardLong-pimple rubber, 'Chinese Magic Racket' or 'Chinese T.T. Team Secret Weapon' ever called by the world T.T. field, makes a breaking effect due to its irregular swing of super ... more info

Fitted Play: Quick Attack/Loop Thickness: 2.15/2.20 mm Powerful NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity could create stable and high-speed arc, improve hte scoring ability of players, NEO Hurricane 3 has a high speed and low fast lo ... more info

DHS NEO HURRICANE-III Fitted play: Control/Loop Thickness:2.15-2.20(mm) Hardness:39,40,41 Powerful NEO sponge and HURRICANE 3 rubber with special glutindsity could create stable and high-speed arc, improve the scoring ability of players. NEO HURRICANE 3 h ... more info

Item: NEO Skyline 2 Table Tennis Rubber SheetModel: 8DHS-AB05563 Fitted play: Control/Loop (Pimples in)Thickness: 2.15/2.20 (mm)Hardness: 39, 40, 41Colors: Black and Red availableFeatures: Changeful Spin by NEO Skyline 2NEO Skyline 2 keeps the unique coll ... more info

The Ultimate Innovation in Rubber Technology for the non speed-glue era! The Killerspin FORTISSIMO is an extremely innovative rubber made especially for high-level topspin players. The Fortissimo synchronizes modern table tennis technology to make this ru ... more info

The tacky but thin topsheet on Nitrx 4z gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots. High control is offered for blocks and counters. Nitrx 4z is suited for a power driving offense, and works wel ... more info

Item: Hurricane III Table Tennis Rubber SheetModel: 8DHS-AB05572Fitted play: Control / Loop (Pimples in) Thickness: 2.15/2.20 (mm)Hardness: 39, 40, 41Colors: Black and Red AvailableFeatures: Speed superior Hurricane 3 was designed for the players who main ... more info

Tenergy has proved to be an outstanding success, combining High Tension Technology with Spring Sponge. Tenergy has risen to the top of the charts; now there is further development which maintains high performance levels with greater control. Tenergy 05-FX ... more info

Loud sound, without the speed glue! DONIC F3 BigSlam generates a loud crack when you hit the ball! The distinctive sound has been firmly and permanently incorporated into Desto F3 Big Slam, but do not speed glue this rubber. This is the loudest DESTO FORM ... more info

Increased speed is the biggest difference between Flarestorm and Flarestorm II. This rubber has what an attacking pips player needs: Low Trajectory and Fast Speed. The hardness of the rubber sheet was designed for Close to the table and Controlled Stroke ... more info

MARK V XS from YASAKA has superior spin characteristics without losing to much speed. The way the Yasaka technicians achieved this is: - the balance or raw material for the top sheet was changed - some new chemicals where added - the production process is ... more info

Item:Item:DHS Table Tennis PF4 Rubber Sheet Model:DHSRPF4 Fitted play:Loop/quick-attack(Pimples in) Thickness:1.6/1.8/2.0mm Hardness:Hard Colors: Black or Red available Features:Suitable for quick-attack with loop Suitable for quick-attack with loop drive ... more info

TSP's Spectol Short-Pips is considered by many to be the finest in the world. Many of the top world players including World ,Olympic, European & Asian Champions have used Spectol. Spectol Short-Pips offer the user a viable weapon to counteract spin. It al ... more info

From Tibhar's Optra technology, optimizing trajectory, comes Grip-S. This rubber combines a tacky top sheet with a powerful sponge, together resulting in ideal ball trajectory. You will be the master of every playing situation and feel that every error ca ... more info

Magna is erupting on the market! Includes the STIGA Magna table tennis rubber from STIGA has the ACS system for increased speed and spin without sacrificing control. Magna smooth inverted rubber allows the player to achieve more spin in serves and service ... more info

Plastic sheet for protecting your rubber. Covers two sides. ... more info

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