Top 20 Best Selling Swimming Swim Caps (2020)

Lightweight and durable cap that is designed to hold dome shape and rounded fit with no wrinkles, which reduces drag. The silicone allows the head to breathe for a more comfortable fit and can be stretched to more than double its original size. Quick and ... more info

Lightweight and durable cap that is designed to fit swimmers with longer hair. The silicone allows the head to breath for a more comfortable fit and can be stretched to over double its original size. Quick and easy to take on and off while not snagging ... more info

Comfortable, long lasting lycra swim cap. One size fits most. ... more info

Looking For a Swim Cap For Your Long Hair? Here's Why Swim Culture's Silicone Swim Cap Is The Only One You'll Ever Need What Makes Swim Culture's Swim Caps for Long Hair Different from the Rest? - Keep your hair dry and protected from contaminated water ... more info

Specifically designed with the recreational swimmer in mind, the TYR Lycra caps are extremely comfortable and refuse to pull or snag. Classic Size: Larger size fits adults and children. ... more info

This Speedo silicone cap is designed specifically to fit the smaller swimmer. Because it is made of silicone, it is very lightweight and durable. It is also very quick and easy to take on and off without snagging hair ... more info

Ispeed Ispeed was born in 2013 on the beautiful harbor in Boston, MA, USA. As the most energetic brand, Ispeed is committed to provide the most innovative and price-friendly sport goods. Ispeed is about the intelligent way of speed. Technological qualit ... more info

The Speedo lycra cap is a great choice for the swimmer with long hair. It has an elastic band at the base that ensures a secure fit during any workout. It is made of the same high quality fast-drying lycra used in racing suits to ensure durability. ... more info

These soft silicone bathing caps are designed with fins or ears to provide a unique way to express yourself at the pool. Great for children, these caps fit best on smaller heads. ... more info

The Speedo latex cap has long been the standard cap for all competitive and recreational swimmers. The bottom edge of the cap is scalloped cut to resist tearing and features a comfortable anti-roll edge. It also provides optimum UV protection. ... more info

Speedo water accessories are unmatched in performance, fit, and feel. The Butterfly Ink Cap is an artsy silicone print on an ombre backdrop. Make a statement during your next swim No matter where or why you dive in training, fitness, or fun those moments ... more info

Show your individuality with thisuniquely designed swimcap. Bright andbeautiful colored caps have a specialsilicone coating to prevent hair fromsnagging as well as to add increaseddurability ... more info

Silicone swim cap from TYR designed specifically for children. Smaller sized. Silicone cap will not pull hair. ... more info

Sure, silicone caps are making waves these days, but we still believe in the tried-and-true composition of latex. We're not alone in this belief, as demonstrated by the TYR Latex Swim Cap. These caps feature a thinner composition than their silicone count ... more info

Premium Silicone SWIM CAPS 2 Pack From The Friendly Swede Make a splash this summer with The Friendly Swede's amazing two pack of Premium quality silicone Swim Caps. Swim in style and comfort with our sleek, hydrodynamic contoured design. FEATURES: - ... more info

Water Gear's Bubble Cap has a soft, snug fit and includes a chin strap for comfort and warmth. ... more info

With multi-million dollar research, extensive CFD analysis and intense flume testing, Speedo Aqualab offers the unrivaled Aqua V Cap. It is the ultimate cap for elite performance, offering an ergonomic fit and 5% drag reduction during competition ... more info

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