Top 20 Best Selling Swimming Nose Clips (2019)

The Cressi Kit nose clips are designed to stay firmly in place while swimming. There unique design will keep water out, while the pads maintain a comfortable fit with no over pinching. The clips are also adjustable so you can fit them to your nose without ... more info

Sinus Saver nose plugs are a new device invented by a California surfer in his quest to find relief from recurrent sinus infections and chronic sinusitis caused by water entering his nasal passages and sinus cavities while surfing. Conventional nose clip ... more info

Speedo water accessories are unmatched in performance, fit, and feel. The Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is lightweight, super comfortable, and low profile. It comes in multiple colors, and even has its own plastic storage case to protect it and make it easy to ... more info

The newest in low profile swim clip technology. This small nose clip comes in four stylish colors that make a bold statement in the water. Hypo-allergenic TPR nose pad and polyurethane frame. Ideal for training with front mount snorkels. ... more info

Say goodbye to those old monster nose plugs. These stylish plugs are small and inconspicuous. Smiley?s provide the most comfortable and secure fit available. Even in the worst hydraulics, they stay right where you put them. ... more info

Aqua Sphere Silicone Ear Plug and Nose Clip with Case ... more info

Comfortable latex covered metal clip with headstrap ... more info

Competitive Swimmers' Competition Nose Clip. SoCal Swim Shop's lightweight competition swim nose clip is the same style used in the Olympics to optimism underwater turns eliminating the need to waste air trying to keep air passages clear. This allows for ... more info

It can prevent water enter into nose and protect nasal cavity when swimming; Also great for shape and lift your nose to be more beautiful; Comes with a plastic case to storage it ... more info

Intex Recreation Nose Clip / Ear Plugs Set ... more info

It can prevent water enter into ear and protect it when swimming.When you need to protect your ears from damaging noise, plug it in your ear, it is soft and comfortable for use.Customised comfortable long sail swimming ear plugs ear protection for swimmer ... more info

Sized to seal out water. ... more info

Aqua Sphere engineered & branded nose clip with 100% silicone nose pads ... more info

Stainless steel nose clip with latex coating ... more info

Flents nose clip seals out water while swimming or diving. ... more info

This Ear Plug can prevent water from entering the ear canal and protect ear drum membrane. Prevent water enter into nose and protect nasal cavity with The Nose Clip. Note: This Nose Clip Ear Plug Set is not suitable for diving, forbid children swallow th ... more info

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