Top 20 Best Selling Surfing Surfboards (2020)

view larger The Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board Liquid Shredder surfboards are top of the line, custom made soft top surface surfboards and SUPs. They are hand shaped with and a high tech design to offer fast, streamlined performance. Liquid ... more info

The practical way to store or display your surfboard. Sling attaches by either hanging from the ceiling or on the wall to keep your surfboard free of dings. ... more info

They're Cruzers, not longboards! Classic Santa Cruz Cruzer on a clean pintail shape. Equipped with Bullet B150 Cutback reverse kingpin trucks and high rebound performance cushions. Road Riders Wheels with High-Rebound 78A urethane, spray on grip. Width:9. ... more info

Greco Surf is known worldwide for their excellence in soft performance surfboard designs. The Light 7' funboard is innovative for its shaped rails, slightly more entry rocker and buoyancy from intelligent implementation of its displacement volume of foam. ... more info

California Board Company 10 Six Soft Stand Up Paddleboard Package-California Board Company-118-4 ... more info

A longboard designed for kids, this 31-Inch skateboard features a single kicktail with rounded edges. Fully color bottom graphics, topped off with clear sand spray grip tape for great traction when riding. ... more info

Arbor swapped out one of the seven-ply Zeppelin Bamboo Longboard's maple layers for a sheet of light, snappy, and sustainable bamboo to further enhance the already-reactive ride. As if the shape and flex weren't nimble enough, the Zeppelin also features G ... more info

Greco Surf's soft performance surfboards are built with more technology than ever. Greco Surf is known worldwide for its innovative touch on soft surfboards, continuing to design new shapes that nobody has done before. The 8 foot soft performance surfboar ... more info

Soft Surfboard 9ft Longboard designed for bigger riders in medium surf conditions ... more info

Surf inspired cruiser with EVA tail pad, clear broadcast grip and conical wheels. Surf inspired cruiser with EVA tail pad, clear broadcast grip and conical wheels. Surf inspired cruiser with EVA tail pad, clear broadcast grip and conical wheels. ... more info

It’s rewarding when every time you take a stroke, you feel the board accelerate. The Speeder is our fastest sub-race class design, made using blow molded polyethylene. The V displacement bow and rounded narrow hull cut smoothly through the water while the ... more info

DECKSize: 9.5 × 42 Material: 8 plies of sugar maple veneer. Sugar maples are grown up near the North America Great Lakes, being a long-fiber wood, is lightweight and flexible. Process: High-speed hot-press molding under normal temperature. Less but ... more info

The Surfer is the ultimate board for anyone just getting into stand up paddling. Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out on the water and feeling comfortable faster than any other board. The ultimate do anything board – lakes, rivers, oceans – the Surf ... more info

Catch Surf Beater Board Twin Fin Original 54: A Board for All Skill Levels Whether it's your first time paddling out or your billionth time at the beach, The Catch Surf Beater Board Twin Fin in gray/fade offers fun rides every time. The foam soft top mak ... more info

MAPLE PINTAIL LONGBOARD. 9 x 43. 8-Ply Canadian Maple with Precision Speed Bearings, 71mm 80a Urethane Wheels, & 180mm Aluminum Reverse Kingpin trucks. This board is built with premium parts for performance. The Shape of the board provides a nice turning ... more info

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