Top 20 Best Selling Surfing Leashes (2020)

DAKINE's precision-molded fittings and durable double swivels take care of you on the water ... more info

Strap this comfortable leash to your ankle and your board to eliminate the risk of a runaway board. with a heavy-duty shock cord and a thick and comfortable padded ankle strap, the SUP Leash provides great comfort. ... more info

Molded end small wave and competition leash ... more info

The modern surfer wants his wax to apply quickly with a thick build up and actually have a putty-like feel under foot. Waxes are also designed for different water temperatures. ... more info

Features: 1.Industrial strength 3M VHB adhesive backing attaches the float directly to the HD Hero waterhousing backdoor. 2.It can make them float, prevent the GoPro Hero 2 or Hero 3 camera from sinking. So you don't have to worry about losing it in the w ... more info

A long board leash for any style or condition. ... more info

FCS Surfaid Strings for Charity. Most surfers know the hassle of getting to the beach and realizing they've got their board and their leash, but are missing the little string that connects the two. Most surfers would also like to make a difference in the ... more info

Never lose a fishing pole or paddle with the Yak Gear Three Leash Combination Pack. Perfect for the well prepared paddle sport angler, this combination pack covers all your bases by offering security for two fishing poles and one paddle. Double braided fo ... more info

BIC Sport SUP (Standup Paddle) leashes are constructed from high quality components and meet our demand for rigorous standards of workmanship. With a detachable rail saver, swivel, molded stand-off on the knee strap and a 7mm diameter cord, the BIC SUP 11 ... more info

A great quality leash for your SUP. 11' in length with a detachable rail saver and molded standoff on the ankle end. Great quality at a reasonable length. This is all backed by a one year warranty (see manufacturer's site for details) from BIC Sport, a wo ... more info

The Surf to Summit Bungee Paddle Leash keeps your paddle and kayak together. If your kayak rolls over you can grab your paddle or the leash to get your kayak back quickly. If you fail on both attempts the paddle leash will make the paddle drag in the wate ... more info

In all that we do at CREATURES - and we've been doing it for a quarter of a century now - we strive to meld the lessons of our experience with cutting edge materials and designs to create highly functional, premium quality surfing accessories that are bui ... more info

Our best all condition leash ... more info

A great looking black urethane (won't tint/ yellow like clear / light colored leashes) specially designed SUP leash. This isn't a surf leash re-labeled. It's designed and manufactured by sup racers and surfers for maximum comfort, safety, and in-the-wate ... more info

Not only the best leash in the Bully's line, but one of the best on the market!! The list of features speak for themselves. Once you use a Bully's leash, you will be hooked. ... more info

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