Top 20 Best Selling Surfing Bodyboards (2020)

Board has rear channels designed for all wave conditions, giving the board excellent control and performance; High Density Polyethylene slick bottom enabling increased speeds, increased strength and more maneuverability; EPS Core makes this board durable ... more info

Polarized, polycarbonite, lightweight, extreme sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor watersports! -Polarized polycarbonate lenses - 100% UVA & UVB protection! -Seaspecs float in water -Secure strap system keeps SeaSpecs in place ... more info

Invented in 1936, Churchill MAKAPUU floating FINS utilize a patented dolphin design which gives you optimum power and acceleration for catching waves. Makapuu fins also act like a skeg on a surfboard to help maintain total control. The rubber covering you ... more info

The Original Colored Waterproof Sunscreen, Blocks Out UVA and UVB Rays, Waterproof, Moisturizing, Non-sting! No Alcohol. Dermatologist Recommended Zinc Oxide for your face, nose, ears, etc. Zinka won't stain your skin. Choose your color on our drop down m ... more info

A pro board shaped boogie board with a wrist leash and a phuzion core center. Boogie庐 Board bodyboards are designed for the beginner who wants to experience the thrill of bodyboarding for the first time. Boogie庐 Boards are built for any rider, any size at ... more info

Designed for the beginner rider, EVA deck, EPS core and Pro-Slick bottom with a crescent tail. Includes straight fabric leash Wide Point 20. Tail Width 15.75. Nose Width 11.5. Thickness 5 cm. Recommended rider size 5' 0 & 5' 6 and 60 - 80 lbs ... more info

The Wave Rebel Hawaii bodyboard is designed for beginnners with an EPS core, an EVA deck and a polypropylene bottom. This board comes with a straight fabric leash. ... more info

Keeper Sports Products keeps bringing you cool products that are FUN. Durable construction, cutting edge graphics, you'll never want to go back inside. If it's made by us... It's a KEEPER. ... more info

The 662 Beastmaster Pro 45 Crosslink Deck EPS Epic Core High Density Slick Channels ... more info

This awesome 37 inch long body board is perfect for those just starting out! It is made of foam with a durable nylon covering and features psychedelic splashes of color on a blue background. This body board has a 10 inch wide nose, a 13 inch wide tail, an ... more info

Make sure this is the correct size! we have all sizes listed and low prices, but each size is a different listing. Churchill slashers floating swimfins are one of the most comfortable fins in the world. Designed for bodyboarders, this hybrid of the makapu ... more info

The Wave Rebel Princess bodyboard is designed for beginnner-level girls with an EPS core, an EVA deck and a polypropylene bottom. It comes with a straight fabric leash. ... more info

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