Top 20 Best Selling Surfboards Shortboards (2020)

view larger The Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board Liquid Shredder surfboards are top of the line, custom made soft top surface surfboards and SUPs. They are hand shaped with and a high tech design to offer fast, streamlined performance. Liquid ... more info

Soft Surfboard 9ft Longboard designed for bigger riders in medium surf conditions ... more info

It’s rewarding when every time you take a stroke, you feel the board accelerate. The Speeder is our fastest sub-race class design, made using blow molded polyethylene. The V displacement bow and rounded narrow hull cut smoothly through the water while the ... more info

The Surfer is the ultimate board for anyone just getting into stand up paddling. Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out on the water and feeling comfortable faster than any other board. The ultimate do anything board – lakes, rivers, oceans – the Surf ... more info

The Yellowtail is our most popular model this season. One shop sold theirs within one hour of receiving it. The 6'10 Twin fin YellowTail II is the epoxy version of the original. The yellowtail has always been the versatile fish. Its extra size makes paddl ... more info

With the Surftech Tolhurst Quad Fish Surfboard tucked under your arm, you study the shore break, and calculate when you need to hit the water for a smooth ride to the lineup. After a set of waves finishes, you quickly paddle out into three-foot surf. This ... more info

Catch Surf Beater Board Twin Fin Original Light lime / pink Catch Surf Beater Board Twin Fin Original 54: A Board for All Skill Levels Whether it's your first time paddling out or your billionth time at the beach, The Catch Surf Beater Board Twin Fin offe ... more info

Looking for a board that will accelerate through cut-backs, off-the-lip and mid-face manoeuvres? You’ll be stoked with the new heights that this performance driven, durable, shortboard will take you. Intermediate surfers agree it’s the perfect first short ... more info

The 6' length is best for beginner to intermediate for Adults and Children It's just what you need to have fun in the surf while you progress to the next level. The soft XPE riding surface provides a little extra traction and safety when you're on top. Sl ... more info

The versatile Pocket Rocket is renowned as the ideal first surfboard for grommets as much as it regarded as an excellent small-wave board for accomplished surfers of approximately 45-70kg. Truly reflecting its name, the Pocket Rocket is a dynamo that offe ... more info

This kids Ripster Boogie surf board is a soft top surf board that is great for kids who are new to surfing since the board is soft and easy to handle. ... more info

Soft Surfboard 5ft 8in Fish Shaped for lower to mid-weight riders in medium surf conditions ... more info

Surfing is ALL about maneuvering and turning on the waves. This 58.5 inch soft foam surfboard is made from thick EPS (Expanded polystyrene) Foam Core covered by printed nylon on top and PE weaving fabric covered on bottom. Its designed for beginning rider ... more info

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