Top 20 Best Selling Surface Roughness Comparators Surface & Hardness Testing (2021)

(22) Replicated machined surface finish specimens with examples of 6 different machining processes: lapped, ground, blanchard ground, shape-turned, milled and profiled ranging from 2 to 500碌 ... more info

Surface Finish Comparators. for Engineers, inspectors, Purchasing Agents Handy, inexpensive, use as a give-away for Classes on Drafting, etc. Accurate - Exact ReProductions. Range: 16 to 500 Microinch Finish. Convenient - Pocket Size (3 1/2 x 5), Weight: ... more info

Includes (9) Reticles. (1) 10X comparator. (1) Illuminator. (1) Compact case. ... more info

Precision Reference Standard and Stylus Check shows actual patch mean values certified by the National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Calibrate your surface analyzing equipment to peak efficiency. The Precision Reference Standard Provides a ... more info

Cast Microfinish Comparator (Metric). 9 Specimens provided (Made in U.S.A.) Cast surface values for Die Casting, Investment, Shell, Centrifugal, Permanent Mold Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, Sand and Green Sand from 20 to 900 microinches. Complete with Instruct ... more info

Thread Measuring Wires Accuracy is .00008. includes 48 Wires in 16 different Sizes. Measures All U.S. 60掳 Threads. Laminated conversion chart for 60掳. Model No. 16047, Thread Measuring Wire Set ... more info

Cast Microfinish Comparators. 9 - Specimens. Made in U.S.A. 9 Specimens Provided. Cast surface values for Die Casting, investment, Shell, Centrifugal, Permanent Mold Ferrous and Non-Ferrous, Sand and Green Sand from 20 to 900 Microinches. Model No. 16039, ... more info

Individual Reticle. Designed for 7X Series Pocket Optical Comparators. 1 Diameter. Reticle #5 for 7X Comparator. ... more info

Everbuild Roll and Stroll is the ultimate self-adhesive floor protector, ideal for protecting floors against mess, dirt, staining, spillages and soiling that occurs during painting, plastering, building, tiling, general maintenance and repair work ... more info

MicroComparator. Original Made in U.S.A. Model. Composite Set of 22 Specimens. 5 Machine Finishes - Most Useful Values Made of Solid Electroformed Nickel - Premium Quality inch and Metric Models Available. Model No. 16038 (in Microinches). Lapped: 2, 4, 8 ... more info

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