Top 20 Best Selling Strut Compressors Tools & Equipment (2021)

Features 2 of ATD Tools most popular spring compressors packed in a heavy-duty molded case. ATD-7585 Master MacPherson Strut Tool. Broad spring contact. ACME threaded rod. Built-in detent pins to help lock the coil in place. Designed to compress most size ... more info

This handy tool compresses valve springs for quicker, easier camshaft, valve seal, valve spring, or retainer service--because you don't have to remove the head from the engine first! It's an OEM-approved tool that you use with a 3/8 ratchet or breaker ba ... more info

Permits removal and installation of valve springs with out removing the cylinder head on many cars and light trucks. Durable steel construction. Spring loaded offset jaws easily grip and compress valve springs. ... more info

The AMPRO T70569 Coil Spring Compressor compresses coil springs for strut services. The AMPRO T70569 Coil Spring Compressor has a heavy duty steel construction. It is suitable for most import and domestic passenger vehicle spring sizes. The overall produc ... more info

Permits quick and safe removal or installation of springs while repairing struts. Heat treated and oil-quenched bolts Set of two compressors maintain spring curvature. Minimum tensile strength of bolts:105,000 PSI. ... more info

OTC Bridge Accessory for StrutTamer Bridge accessory to be used on springs that cannot be compressed enough to remove the retaining nut. This is an optional accessory for the StrutTamer and StrutTamer Elite for MacPherson strut springs removal and install ... more info

This compressor is used to compress valve springs for removal or installation. The heavy duty C-frame has a 9 inches opening and a 5 inches throat. Kit includes 16 millimeters, 19 millimeters, 23 millimeters, 25 millimeters, and 30 millimeters valve sprin ... more info

The AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor has drop forged steel jaws with hardened alloy steel center bolts. It compresses coil springs for strut services. The AMPRO T70570 Coil Spring Compressor is suitable for passenger cars and light duty trucks. Use wit ... more info

BRA7400 Features: -Heavy duty capacity - handles the heaviest coil over shocks.-Handles extra long springs - room to disassemble long struts.-Gives easy strut access.-Independently adjustable upper and lower hooks.-Model 7400 Strut Spring Compressor. Opti ... more info

Removing valve springs has never been easier. With the help of this tool, it only takes a matter of seconds to remove or install the valves spring assembly in your vehicle. The body is anodized orange CNCed 6061 T6 aluminum, for a gorgeous finish and exce ... more info

The Branick features include: heavy duty capacity - handles the heaviest coil over shocks. Handles extra long springs - room to disassemble long struts. It gives easy strut access. It has independently adjustable upper and lower hooks. It can handle the h ... more info

Provides leverage to remove and install stubborn hold-down springs of drum brakes on cars and light trucks. Special beveled cup end and notched design grips the retaining washers (11/16 inch to 7/8 inch) used to hold the springs in place. Comfortable hand ... more info

For all 3/8 and 7/16 Rocker Studs. Remove valve spring from an assembled engine for checking or replacing quickly and easily. Press down to compress coil spring, then remove valve keepers. Release slowly. ... more info

This universal valve spring compressor has been developed to remove and install the valve spring with the cylinder head still on the engine and in the car, or with the cylinder head removed. The multi-point adjustable base of this tool bolts securely to t ... more info

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