Top 20 Best Selling Straw Dispensers Kitchen Accessories (2022)

Put smiles on faces at parties or any day of the year with these colorful and reusable straws. Pack of 125 straws. ... more info

Made of acrylic and dispenses straws one at a time. Eliminates the need to use wrapped straws and reduces paper waste. Holds straws up to 10 long. ... more info

This vintage straw dispenser brings fun and function together! Simply pull up on the lid and you'll have tons of straws right at your fingertips. Designed in the traditional soda fountain style, this durable drinking straw dispenser evokes happy memories ... more info

TableCraft H714CH Chrome Top Straw Jar With StrawsTableCraft H714CH Chrome Top Straw Jar With Straws Features: Straw jar Old-fashioned diner style Keeps straws clean and organized Straws lift up when lid is opened for easy access Includes straws Chrome to ... more info

Plastic Bright Color Bendable Straws. Assorted colors. 11 Accessories not included. ... more info

Relive the nostalgia of your childhood with this officially sanctioned glass straw jar from Coca-Cola! The classic design evokes soda fountains, laughter and wholesome fun in our fast-paced modern society. ... more info

Straw Dispenser, acrylic, clear Features Manufacturer's Category: Straw Dispenser Construction: Acrylic Color: Clear ... more info

Six clip-on plastic mustaches and straws add class to your glass. The clips are dishwasher safe and reusable, so you can keep enjoying these while drinking your favorite beverage. ... more info

Colorful addition to your kitchen or party this straw dispenser has a pull-up design. Simply lift the lid and the straws rise up so you can easily get one out. ... more info

100 Smoothie straws. 8 陆 long. An assorted variety of colors as shown. Pastel Pink, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Great for parties, smoothies, shakes, slushies' and more! Extra fun for Kids! Take a regular drink and make it fun with these colorful Smoothie Str ... more info

Bring back fun memories with this attractive and functional Straw Dispenser. Just lift the lid and the straws will pop up and fan out inviting you to take one. Crystal clear, break resistant acrylic body with chromed steel lid and tray. Comes filled with ... more info

Great for schools, daycare centers, churches, nursing facilities. Perfect for cake decoration, Boba Milk Tea, Party, Milk Shakes, Smoothies, These fun drinking straws are a great addition to any drink, Fun for kids and adults too! ... more info

kilofly Reusable Spoon Drink Straws are the fun, eco-friendly replacement of wasted plastic straws. These straws with spoons are convenient, durable, leak proof and washable. This value pack comes with two mini brushes for cleaning the straws. The stainle ... more info

New Metal Coca-Cola Straw Holder with 50 straws included ... more info

Clear panelled glass with a chrome plated cover. 4 diameter x 11 H. ... more info

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