Top 20 Best Selling Straight Straight, Spiral & Trim Bits (2021)

Cobalt Drill Set (18 Pieces) Bosch parts keep your tools working their best for any application you can come up with. Features: 18 Pieces Bosch has been in the headlines of state of the art development for over 100 years. From the invention of the jigsaw ... more info

We will admit that we think these rotary tools are some of the coolest things around; you can do so many things with them. But once we saw this attachment, we were blown away. If you don't have the money or the space (or the inclination) to set up a whole ... more info

Route, edge, mortise or inlay with this versatile set of bits made just the right size for rotary tools. They鈥檙e made of high-speed steel, a step down from the preferable carbide tips, but they鈥檙e plenty tough enough to do the job. You鈥檒l find endless use ... more info

The Pro-Series 12 Piece Router Bit Set includes 12 popular and specialty router bits for decorative edging, joining and veining. This Router Bit Set is great for hobbyist or professional woodworkers to use during home restoration, cabinet making and wood ... more info

DE9929 Features: -Diamond engraving point.-Ideal for extended use applications when using the Dremel electric engraver.-Designed for hard-surface engraving applications and continuous use. ... more info

BRAND NEW - 24 Piece 1/4 Shank Industrial Router Bit Set: Round Over Bits: R 3/16, R 1/4, R 3/8 Cove Bits: R 3/8, R 1/4 Roman Ogee Bit: R 5/32 45 Deg Chamfer Bit Slot Cutter Bit 1/4 Carbide Rabeting Bit 1/2 Mortising Bit 1/2 Combination Bevel Bit ... more info

The Bosch BL2635 is a 1/8 x 6-Inch Black Oxide Bit. Black oxide bits offer superior durability, speed, and selection for most general purpose applications. Best for cutting holes into metal and work equally well in wood and plastic drilling. Use in steel, ... more info

Freud manufactures some of the most innovative, technologically advanced woodworking tools and accessories in the world. To ensure that the highest quality products meet the toughest design standards, Freud owns and operates six manufacturing facilities i ... more info

Precise hook angle. End of bit allows for fast plunging. Application: Cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and soft wood. Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted portable routers. ... more info

Bosch BL2633 3/32 x 6 inch Black Oxide Twist Drill Bit. Twice the life of High Speed Steel. Maximum operating speed 1500RPM. ... more info

Designed for high production work with a maximum amount of chip clearance. End of bit relief allows for fast plunging. Application: Cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and soft wood. Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-he ... more info

3/8 Inch Diameter Solid Carbide End Mill - Long Series 3/8 Shank, 1 LOC, 4 OAL, 4 FlutesDiameter Tolerance: +.000/-.002Shank Diameter Tolerance: -.0001/-.0004 ... more info

Dremel 655 Keyhole Routing BitDremel 655 Keyhole Routing Bit Features:; Allows you to cut keyhole slots in wood; Made from high-grade steel for smooth cuts and long life; Use with the Dremel Shaper/Router Table #231(2615-5572) or Router #330 (2615-3692); ... more info

Three-Piece 1/2 Shank Undersized Plywood Bit Set delivers perfect fitting joints. The bits feature Freuds exclusive TiCo Hi-Density Carbide and Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating for long cutting life and maximum performance. The bits also include Freuds down- ... more info

Bosch has engineered a line of screwdriving bits, nutsetters and sockets that can handle torque-generated from today's high-powered impact drivers. ... more info

These bits cut smoother than other straight bits because of the precise shear and hook angles. End of bit relief allows for fast plunging. Covered by Freuds limited lifetime warranty. ... more info

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