Top 20 Best Selling Storage Microplates (2021)

Arrayit AHC4X24 Hybridization Cassettes enable up to 96 hybridization or protein microarray reactions in a 3 x 8 x 4 format. AHC4X24 holds 4 standard glass substrate slides (1 x 25 x 76 mm) and uses a silicone gasket to create 96 individual reaction areas ... more info

The non-treated polystyrene plates are for antibiotic screens, serological tests, compound storage and DNA libraries. Conical or round wells each hold 0.3 mL total volume; flat wells 0.4 mL. ... more info

This polypropylene 24-well PCR microplate is specifically designed for PCR applications. Ideal for thermal transfer applications. Certified by lot number to be RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free. Volume: 200 microliter. Color: Clear. Corning Axygen #: PCR-24- ... more info

Axygen sealing film roller is a durable and efficient roller ideal for applying sealing films to any plate. Sturdy plastic handle and semi-hard roller head are ideal for complete and easy applications of film. ... more info

This Corning 96-well clear V-bottom storage block is made of solvent resistant polypropylene that provides compatibility with many common organic solvents (e.g., DMSO, ethanol, methanol). It has a total well volume of 2mL, and features a uniform skirt hei ... more info

This is a polypropylene 96-well round bottom assay plate. It is RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free. SBS Foot Print. Non-sterile. Working Volume: 500 microliter. Color: Clear. Bottom: Round. Corning Axygen #: P-96-450R-C. ... more info

This polypropylene 384-well half skirt PCR microplates for MJ research cyclers is specifically designed for PCR and thermal transfer applications. Certified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free to ensure purity. Working Volume: 50 microliter. Color: Clear. Corn ... more info

Polypropylene 24-well deep well rectangular plate. Non-sterile. Volume: 10mL. Color: Clear. Corning Axygen #: P-DW-10ML-24-C. ... more info

Used for antibiotic screens, serological tests, storing and screening of compounds and DNA libraries. Wells have raised rims and lids are supplied with corresponding rings to help prevent cross contamination and evaporation. ... more info

This is a polypropylene 96-well V bottom assay plate. It is RNase, DNase, and pyrogen free. SBS Foot Print. Non-sterile. Working Volume: 500 microliter. Bottom: V. Color: Clear. Corning Axygen #: P-96-450V-C. ... more info

Plates are compatible with standard robotic work stations such as Zymark, Tecan, Hamilton, Rosys and Beckman. To side load a Beckman BioMek system, use side-loader collars. 2ml deep wells permit serial dilution protocols unlike with standard microtiter pl ... more info

This AxyGem crystallography plate is an SBS standard 96-well sitting-drop, high-throughput protein crystallization plate with 96 buffer wells (maximum volume of 250 microliter) and one adjacent protein well (maximum volume of 4.3 microliter). It is made o ... more info

Thermo Scientific Nunc 96 Deep Well Polystyrene plates untreated surface provides a uniform surface property making it ideal for cloning and replication assays. The round bottom is ideal for aggultination assays and sample collection. All microplates manu ... more info

This Corning microplate sealing tape is made from acetate. It provides a tight seal to minimize evaporation and condensation. Easy application and removal for all microplates for both short- and long-term storage. Suitable for use between -16 degree C and ... more info

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